Anytime you buy or sell a home, it’s a very large financial transaction. This is one of those times when expert help is necessary. Choosing a good real estate agent in Springfield will help protect you throughout the buying or selling process.

When you’re ready to start the process of choosing a real estate agent, it’s important to know what to look for. Let’s look at some of the most important qualities to look for when choosing a good real estate agent in Springfield.

Top 7 Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Real Estate Agent in Springfield

1. Honesty

The first and most important quality you want to find in a real estate agent is honesty. This is such an important quality as a dishonest agent can cost you dearly. Any good real estate agent will be an honest person that puts the interests of their clients first.

2. Very Knowledgeable

Another very important quality to find in a real estate agent is knowledge of the market. You want a knowledgeable agent that knows the area you want to buy or sell within. They should have a great understanding of the local market and know how to get you the results you want.

An expert Springfield real estate agent is very important. When you have a local expert helping you, it will make a big difference, whether you’re buying or selling.

3. Excellent Communication Skills

It’s very difficult for a real estate agent to become successful if they don’t have excellent communication skills. This is one of the most important qualities and you certainly want to find an agent that will communicate well with you.

You should also understand that just because an agent is a great communicator doesn’t mean they are right for you. Maybe you prefer to speak on the phone, but an agent you interview isn’t the best communicator on the phone. This might not be a good match for you, even if they are great at communicating in person, through email, or even through text. 

4. Attention to Detail

Any real estate transaction requires a lot of paperwork and quite a bit of detail. You need an agent that has great attention to detail. A detail-oriented agent will help ensure everything is in the proper order and ready to go when you reach the closing table. 

5. Good Negotiation Skills

Choosing a good real estate agent in Springfield will give you a negotiator to help you throughout the process. You want an agent that knows how to negotiate the right deal for you and get you the best deal possible. This is one of the main duties of your real estate agent. 

6. Balanced Schedule

Some real estate agents are too busy and really shouldn’t take you on as a client, but they will. Others only work part-time and might not be the right choice for you.

Finding a good real estate agent often means finding someone that has the time to take care of you as a client. You want someone that can dedicate enough time to you, whether you’re buying or selling a home. Make sure they are not too busy to handle the needs of another client.

7. Understanding and Compassion

While a good real estate agent knows how to remove emotion from the buying or selling process, it’s also important that your agent is understanding and compassionate. There will always be an emotional element for buyers and sellers. Agents need to be able to navigate the process by putting the client’s best interest first in a compassionate and understanding way.

It’s time to buy a home or sell a home and you need to choose a good real estate agent in Springfield. Look for these seven traits, as you start interviewing potential agents.

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