The most important thing to consider when making candles is the type of perfume oil that you use to create the desired scent. A candle without the right fragrance is nothing more than a light source that emits an unpleasant aroma.

The way we feel about ourself and our outlook on life is affected by our sense of smell. Similar to our senses for taste and touch, our senses are connected to certain memories. Therefore, the right fragrance oil could create a scent that makes you feel happy, sad contemplative, or a variety of other states.

There are so many scents available and so many effects they can have on people, it is no surprise that choosing fragrance oil can be difficult. 

What is the best way to choose perfume oil for your candles, and how do you go about it? Although you might believe that it is the best way to select fragrance oil for your candles, this can cause you to lose sight of the subtle differences in scents.

Consider The Area Where The Candle Will Be Used

When choosing a fragrance oil to use in your candles, one of the most important factors to consider is where they will be used. What if you have to use a strong scent in a small space? It could be overwhelming. What about a weak smell in a big room? It will be difficult to identify. Do you prefer a strong scent in your bedroom that keeps you awake or something that relaxes you?

When choosing fragrance oil, you must consider the size and function of your room. These factors are important to consider when choosing fragrance oil. 

Imagine The Atmosphere You Want To Create

One of the best ways to create a particular atmosphere in a space is with scented candles. The candle’s warmth and rustic glow will add warmth to any space. But the fragrance it emits will make the space even more inviting. You should consider the type of atmosphere you desire in each space before choosing fragrance oil. 

Consider Whether You Are Trying To Mask Unpleasant Odours

You may need to keep a scented candle handy to mask unpleasant odours. The key factor in determining the effectiveness of fragrance oil in this role is selection. For masking strong odours, woody and fruity scents work well. Coffee scents can also be used to distract the olfactory sense by making it more intoxicating.

Consider The Type Of Fragrance Oil That You Would Like To Use

Once you know the purpose of your scented candles, it is time to consider the type of scent that you would like. There are two types of scented candles that you can choose from, each with its advantages.


These are the most commonly used fragrance oils in the production of scented candles. These oils offer a great mix of hot and cold fragrances and there are many options.

However, not all fragrance oils are cruelty-free. It’s important to work with a trusted supplier of fragrance oils. Some candle makers will not use the same standard fragrance oils.


A mixture of essential oils and aromatic isolates is used to create natural-type fragrance oils. This process is similar to that used in French perfume-making where the scents are extracted directly from the source.

Selecting From Various Scent Categories

The fun part is over – selecting the fragrance oils that you want to use. There are many scents available, and they can all be broken down into different categories like exotic, woody, floral, fresh, etc. Each group has its characteristics that make them suitable for different purposes and tastes.

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