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How to Choose Your Best Bike Fit

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As the technology used in the making of electric bikes evolves, one’s view of the factors to consider when getting an e-bike must evolve too. Thanks to recent innovations in electric rides, a lot of other aspects of e-bikes have developed too. 

Apart from being available in even more shapes and sizes, it has become extra tricky trying to pick the perfect e-bike, especially when considering one’s height.

If it is your first time getting an e-bike, you might not be aware of the various factors to consider before doing so. These, according to various researches in the field and on-hand experience from e-bike enthusiasts, are including frame size, saddle height, and handlebar height.

It becomes important to know the right cargo bike size before getting one then, as it tends to affect every aspect of your riding experience and comfort.

When getting an e-bike, one key thing to consider is how well it fits. A sweet e-bike may not provide enough satisfaction if too cramped up or too stretched out. It is much more comfortable if your e-bike is your perfect fit and you stand less risk of injury.

The following is a summary of the best advice on how to choose the best e-bike fit for yourself.

Have the Right Frame Size

Knowing your right frame size may come in handy when choosing an e-bike for yourself. E-Bikes come in a variety of sizes, available for comparison online and on-site, so if you know what your size is, it should not be a problem choosing one to suit your specific requirements.


Have a Professional Bike Fit

This is probably one of the best ways to ensure that your bike will be a perfect fit and is set upright. It usually involves a bike fitter spending several hours with you, setting you up on a test bike, and having you ride while they adjust the position of the parts to see how each change affects your riding. After all, a professional bike fit isn’t just for professional riders and will prevent you from buying the wrong sized bike.


Do it Yourself

This is a good option to explore if you’re not planning to spend any cash on a pro bike fit while getting your new e-bike. There’s plenty you can do on your own, as you can make use of a key measure of bikes- saddle height. This is corrected to avoid injury and cycling knee pain which is a common symptom of incorrect saddle position.

The saddle height can be worked out roughly by using the LeMond formula which involves measuring your inside leg length and multiplying by 0.885. There are other means of getting a rough measurement that may work for you if you’re doing it yourself. These can be found online or in the shop measurement brochures.


Reach and Stack

A more important measurement than the saddle height is your reach and stack numbers. They are key dimensions to getting the right-sized e-bike. The reach measures how long the frame is horizontally from the middle to the top of the handlebar ridge, while the stack measures the vertical distance between the two points.

They can be regarded as defined measurements that can be used to compare different e-bikes before selecting the right size for you.

Try Swapping Parts

It may be possible that what’s stopping you from having the full comfort you seek to enjoy is something as simple as the saddle. Sound familiar? A swap from your e-bike’s stock saddle may help out with that last bit of discomfort you’re feeling.

Being one of the main contact points between you and your KB0 e-bike, and the most personal, trying a different saddle can hugely impact your e-bike comfort. The same goes with reaching to your bars, which may cause some discomfort to your neck, back, and shoulders.

Adjusting the parts or completely swapping them out for other parts may just be the thing needed for achieving the last bit of comfort you need.


Expert Advice

You may not have sought an expert opinion when getting your e-bike. If after getting it, you begin to experience discomfort or fit problems, it would still be a good time to get advice from an expert. 

Getting expert advice does more to heighten your e-bike experience and is usually worth the expense, as it does not come free.

Does the Right E-Bike Size Matter?

If you do not know this, you must have an understanding of why it is important to have the correct e-bikes size for your height. It is essential to choose the right bike, but you have to make sure you’re getting the right size too. Knowing the right size would also save you from injuries.

The right e-bike size does matter, as a ride in an e-bike of the wrong size can be dangerous and uncomfortable.

E-bikes tend to come with a pedal-assist which allows you to pedal easily and for longer without getting as worked up as if you were on a regular bike. This can make riding very pleasant, but it is not nearly as fun when you have the wrong e-bike size.

There should be no reason to have to hurriedly pick up e-bikes without knowing how comfortable they would be when riding, and it may defeat the purpose of acquiring the e-bikes.

This asks an important question as well. What is your purpose for getting e-bikes? Is it to indulge in your riding hobby? It Will be serving exercise purposes? Will you be riding it on your everyday commutes? You will be taking your e-bikes to the trails, off-road? Camping? You have to consider this so you will be sure you’re getting bikes suited to your specific requirements.



Finally, before going on to select the right e-bikes size, try to consider things from your point of view as well, with the knowledge you have. Some of these things include your height and riding style.

Once these factors have been considered, you can be at ease and try to have fun with your new e-bikes, knowing you have made the perfect choice to suit your requirements. Choose KBO bikes for a perfect fit!

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