Multiple devices can print from the same printer wirelessly without requiring a physical connection, which makes it easier to organize home offices and commercial spaces. HP has a wide selection of top-notch wireless printers to suit any use case you can imagine, from large volume use in business settings to crafters wishing to create something unique. You must understand how to connect an HP printer to WiFi to configure it for wireless use. Fortunately, most of the time, this is a straightforward process, and we’ll walk you through how to start printing wirelessly.                       

While HP printers typically connect to WiFi without a hitch and with reliability, we acknowledge problems can occasionally arise. Therefore, we’ll also walk you through typical causes and solutions if you’re experiencing trouble connecting a printer to WiFi.

Installing WiFi on an HP printer

 Using the HP Smart app is the simplest method for WiFi connection for a current HP printer. This will require the following:

  • A Windows 10 computer linked to the wireless network you want to use to connect your printer 
  • A wireless HP printer is turned on and in WiFi setup mode
  • Password or key for the wireless network

Step by Step instructions to follow

 Visit the official 123.hp/setup printer website by launching any web browser on your computer. The printer driver software for your PC must be downloaded from here. Ensure you correctly identify your printer; contact the printer’s customer care department.

  • Run the application after downloading it.
  • The printer should then be turned on.
  • If your computer doesn’t ask you to choose a “Connection Type,” continue with the onscreen instructions.
  • Pick “Wireless” from the options that appear next. Please click “Yes.”
  • Transmit the printer’s “WiFi settings” Depending on the printer model and operating system you’re using, and this can change.
  • Complete your device’s HP wireless printer setup by following the onscreen instructions.

Secure WiFi Configuration ( WPS Method)

Your printer must be capable of operating in WPS push button mode if you want to use this method. This would be great if you also had a physical “WPS Push” button on your wireless router.

  • Set your printer to print.
  • Begin using WPS Push button mode.
  • The methods for launching WPS mode vary depending on the HP printer model. For detailed instructions, you can consult the user handbook.
  • Your WiFi router’s WPS button must be pressed within two minutes.

Possible issues with the WiFi printer

There are numerous quick remedies you can try if you’re having issues WiFi-connecting an HP printer:

  • Your printer and computer should be placed closer to the WiFi router to prevent a weak or inconsistent WiFi signal. You may also try boosting your WiFi signal.
  • Verify that all network configurations are proper and that the password has not changed.
  • All the associated equipment, including the printer, computer, and WiFi router, should be power cycled (turned off and on again), then the process above should be restarted.
  • Verify that your printer is running on the latest drivers and software.


The procedures in this article should assist you in successfully setting up your device’s 123.hp/setup printer. But if you still have issues installing your printer, get in touch with the HP printer customer support staff and receive professional assistance to resolve the issue.


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