When creating a mobile form, there are a few things you should know. First, mobile devices are much smaller than desktop computers, so you can’t display the entire form without scrolling. 

It is also important to keep in mind that you’re not going to be designing for the computer, but for the user. While you might be a fan of your own design preferences, your users may not be. As such, it is vital to consider how the form will look and read on different platforms.

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1. Drop-down menus are bad for mobile forms

Using drop-down menus in mobile forms can be difficult for people with disabilities. They may have difficulty using a computer mouse and can have tremors and muscle weakness. In these cases, a keyboard navigation is needed to access the menu. The tab and enter keys should be used to navigate through the drop-down menu.

The main reason why drop-down menus are bad for mobile forms is that they require more effort for the user to select an answer. On a mobile device, this problem is compounded as the drop-down list may not be fully visible at first. The user will have to scroll down to select the option they want.

2. Progressive disclosure

One of the first steps in designing progressive disclosure mobile forms is to understand your users’ needs. To do so, you must involve your users in the design process. Using user research and task analysis, you can decide on what information and features you should include. A good progressive disclosure design prioritizes features and discloses the most essential information up-front.

Another crucial consideration is how to break up a form. A form that takes up a lot of screen real estate is difficult to process, so breaking it up into smaller sections will help you retain the attention of your users. This method is particularly useful for forms that require thought and consideration.

3. Flow

Flow is a critical component of the user experience. Whether you’re designing a website, mobile app, or even a chatbot, users need a path to follow and a clear sense of “flow.” Think of forms as conversations. If the flow is too confusing or the form’s fields are not clearly defined, users will become discouraged and stop completing it, or will leave your website. In either case, you’ve lost a potential customer.

The best mobile form app has a natural flow that builds complexity in logical increments. For example, easy points should come first, and more detailed questions should come later. Similar information should be grouped together, making it easier for users to navigate through the form. Flow can be used to make mobile forms easy to use and maintain.

4. Field masking

Field masking helps the user to properly format input text. This is different from using placeholder text. When a user focuses on a particular field, the mask automatically formats the text for them. This saves the user time and prevents errors when filling out the form. It is a common technique used by many designers when designing mobile forms.

Using field masking is easy. It helps to make the text appear uniform when entered, which helps the user focus on the required data and detect errors. For example, it automatically applies parentheses to phone numbers and spaces to credit card numbers. This technique is also useful for complex forms that require sensitive input.

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5. Auto-fill options

A key part of a mobile strategy is creating forms that are easy to use. If a user doesn’t have the proper keyboard or internet connection, filling out a form can be difficult. Another common problem is syncing data, which makes the process even more difficult. Luckily, there are a few techniques that you can use to make your forms as easy to complete as possible.

First, make sure your form contains input fields that allow for auto-fill. To do so, use a form element with a form tag. This is an essential part of any form, as forms for e-commerce often contain sensitive information.

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