Are you working on an e-commerce store and getting shallow conversions but want to improve the conversion rate? If your answer is yes, you can follow the guide in this article. Today, I will show you some of the fundamental and valuable strategies to improve your eCommerce store’s conversion rate and sales by up to 30%. Conversion Rate experts and agencies personally test these strategies for e-commerce websites. So without further delay, let’s move to the tactics you should follow.

  1. Focus on Design and Make it User Friendly

Many E-Commerce Stores do not pay attention to the design. If your website is challenging to use and not very user friendly, it may reduce the conversion rate by up to 10%. People always prefer simple and easy-to-use websites while making online purchases. This is the first step you should take while doing conversion rate optimization of your eCommerce Store. Clean your website’s garbage and unwanted widgets, posts, and pages. Make your website clean and straightforward. Keep all products well organized and easy to cart. After doing this, your website’s conversion rate may increase to 5%.

  1. Add Direct Buy Option

Many websites ask for account creation before making any purchase, which is one reason for meager sales. They change buyer behavior, which can cause low conversions. You should add a direct Bank option without creating an account to increase sales and conversions. Add the payment method directly to the website, and the user can buy without creating an account. It can increase the number of conversions by up to 7%.

  1. Customer’s Feedback

The next important step is adding customers’ feedback on every product. On the internet, people do not believe in online shopping, and they have many questions about the quality of products. If you have genuine and positive customer feedback in your eCommerce Store, it may increase sales. 

  1. Add Live Chat Support

Live chat support is one of the critical elements of any online store or service provider. With the help of live chat, you can dramatically increase the number of conversions to 10%. People ask many questions about products and services before making a purchase. Therefore, you should add live chat support in your eCommerce store to Grab more customers.

  1. Refund Option

Refund is one of the essential elements for any business to succeed, whether online or offline. You should mention an easy refund policy on each product page of your website. It will boost the confidence of the customer to make the Purchase Decision. In this way, you can grab a large audience.

  1. Provide Offers/Discounts

Intelligent business owners consistently make offers and discounts to their customers. In this way, they will increase your conversion rate up to 20%. You should also provide a different discount and buy one get one free-like offer to your visitors. It will improve your conversion rate by up to 15%.

  1. Use Video Ads Instead of Images or Written Ones

Many professional conversion rate experts and digital marketers suggest that you should use video ads instead of written or images. Video ads attract more users than simple advertisements. You can show your product to visitors and eventually increase your conversion rate.

  1. Show Previous Customer’s Feedback in your Ad

This is one of the most potent and effective methods to improve your conversion rate. We used this technique to improve our conversion rate. In this method, you will create a video ad and request your customers to make small videos regarding your product. If you advertise this ad, you will get more customers because of positive feedback and much more benefits together in one place you may never find anywhere. You can also share this article with others.

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