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How to Keep Your Household in Tiptop Shape

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Living in a nice, peaceful, and well-kept home is one of the best things every homeowner desires. That’s why, when it comes to our respective households, we always make sure that things are running smoothly and maintained properly. We look after the safety, functionality, and efficiency of the house’s overall set-up, which includes but not limited to the following: a) house structures; b) home appliances; c) landscaping; d) exterior and interior designs; and e) plumbing system. At the end of the day, it is all about keeping one’s household in its most excellent shape.

However, not all of us can take care of the household perfectly. Every now and then, we fail at certain things when it comes to home maintenance. Some of us are just good at maintaining the aesthetic parts of the house, but we tend to overlook the other non-aesthetic areas that also need sustenance. 

Find TIME to Protect Your Home

Still, even if we know what aspects of the household need attention and care, it would still be challenging to perform those necessary maintenance tasks without this very important element: TIME.

We should make time to look after the household if we want to keep it in tiptop shape all the time. Without time, it will be difficult to find the right and immediate solutions to whatever issues arising inside the home. Moreover, we cannot get things done if you do not allot our time to accomplishing household tasks. Whether it is about cleaning the house, fixing a clogged drain or a leaking faucet, or finishing a plumbing project, you will still be unproductive if you lack the time, as well as the patience, to do the work.

Ways to Keep Your Home in Great Shape

Famous novelist Jane Austen once said, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” Indeed, the home, of all places, is where one should feel at ease. Otherwise, one cannot call it a home.

There are actually a variety of ways to improve the condition of our household and change our lives for the better. Our home will be in its best shape if we do the following:

  • Respect home plumbing.

A home is in its utmost shape if its plumbing system is also in excellent condition. The plumbing system of a household plays a significant role in keeping things working well inside the house including the kitchen, bathroom, and all other areas that make use of water and heat supply. Any malfunction in your plumbing, no matter how small, like a minor leak, can sooner or later lead to a major disaster, which may cause a big dent in your wallet. Thus, as a homeowner, your mission is to educate every member of the household to treat all your plumbing equipment with care. Family members, especially the younger ones, should be taught about the proper way to use the toilet and bathroom specifically in terms of flushing. They should understand that any forms of plumbing misuse can cause adverse effects on your pipes and drains.

Moreover, you need to set a regular inspection from a plumber expert of your plumbing system–pipes, faucets, kitchen sink disposal, shower heads, toilet, and water heater among other–for possible defects. You must also make sure that your water pipes are properly insulated. Most importantly, if you are often traveling and spending time away from home, you must ALWAYS see to it that, before leaving the house, your main valves are properly turned off to prevent occurences of leaks and flooding in your property.

  • Change out dirty HVAC filters.

Some say HVAC filters should be replaced monthly or every 2-3 months. Doing it monthly is not exactly a necessity especially if you don’t have any allergies or pets at home. Actually, you can conduct a regular inspection of your HVAC filters and if you think the filter is already dirty, then you need to have a new one installed. Also, experts suggest buying a cheaper filter rather than an expensive one.

  • Keep your household dry and clean.

A clean and pest-free home is one of the vital signs that a home is in great shape. Most pests are attracted to a wet and dirty environment. If you want to keep pests such as roaches, mosquitos, rats, flies, ants, and other insects at bay, you need to always clean your surroundings at home. These are things you can do to make your home unattractive to pests:

  • Remove all potential breeding sites for pests including garbage, clutter, and standing water. 
  • Properly dispose of your trash every day.
  • Clean up after food crumbs and food spills.
  • Wipe, clean, and disinfect your countertops and floors.
  • Clean your kitchen appliances after each use.
  • Store your food in airtight containers.
  • Seal entry points such as tears on screen, gaps on structure, and other cracks or crevices.
  • Invest in a tight and high tech security system.

Another way to ensure that your home stays intact and in shape is to keep it inaccessible to intruders. Forced entry is one of the major threats to your home’s safety. Burglars are lurking everywhere and no one knows when your home becomes the next target. Thus, tightening your security is one sure way to shield the house from the dangers of burglaries. To do this, homeowners must secure all doors and windows in the household and upgrade the locks. As much as possible, upgrade your locks since expert burglars have their way of gaining access to the home even if it is locked. Installing deadbolts or video doorbells on doors and glass break sensors is also very helpful. 

Moreover, make sure the household does not have blind spots for burglars to take advantage of. To achieve this, your house–both its interiors and exteriors–should not have zones that intruders can use as potential hiding places. Homeowners must never give burglars a single opportunity where they can conceal their presence. Thus, it is best if we trim down those overgrown bushes and prune vegetation in the garden every now and then and always make sure that the gates and those spare rooms located outdoors are locked at all times.

Lastly, light up your household! If you want your household to appear uninviting to thieves, keep your lights on particularly in outdoor spaces like the garage, pathways, yard, and porch.

Let us all bear in mind that accidents happen at home and cause minor to irreparable damage to our property because of our neglect and lack of awareness. As homeowners, we need to know the ways to take good care of our household so it remains in tiptop shape and we avoid problems and mishaps.

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