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How to Make Money as an Author: Top 5 Tips for 2022

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If you ask a normal person about a writer’s job, they have an idea that authors make more money than a writer. People think with their royalties, early payments, and annual author earnings; they earn enough to live their whole life peacefully.

Do authors make money more than an individual with a regular job, or is it a misapprehension? Well, authors of famous books indeed lead the perfect life. However, to make that happen, you need to give your best in producing your best piece of work.

With a top-quality book, your efforts will pay off in spades. On that note, here are five actionable tips to help you learn how to make money as an author.

Produce Marketable Content

The first thing you can do is to begin writing content for your book by keeping the target audience in mind. To determine the type of reader, you will attract from your book, you need to be in your audience’s shoes. This will extend the vision of how you see your target audience.

After you know who your right audience is, you can understand their existing preferences. If you want to know the mindset of a reader, you have to search on some platforms.

Search on Goodreads

To search for the audience, head to Goodreads and read top-rated reviews of books that look similar to yours. Then, analyze which are the titles the readers were appreciative of and the ones they didn’t like.

Once you are sure that the audience is going to like your title, go to the section where they have left feedback on the book. You can try the focus on constructive criticism, as it can help you perfect your writing even further. By sticking to what people didn’t like about the book, you can make it a good read.

Find Out What’s Trending

You can find keywords that are related to your book on Twitter and Instagram. Just like Goodreads reviews, you can use social media posts to know what the readers think about your post. If you want to know how to make money as an author, you need to be thoughtful of the demands of the clients through comments and replies.

You can check the profile of the agents to take a look at what’s trending. You can add the elements in your book that create buzz when you search on different platforms to check the point of view of the reader.

Opt For an Adept Editing and Cover Design Services

Both of these services are paramount when it comes to publishing a book that would get you huge profits. You might have noticed that all of the popular authors have two things in common—expert editors and attractive book covers.

On your digital book cover, you get 50% more clicks than the average-looking covers. That’s why you need to hire an expert service that knows how to integrate the design elements that can make your book visually attractive.

If you know to design, you can collaborate with a professional. For instance, if you choose an agency like Universal Book Writers to carry out your vision. They have cover designers who have created marvelous covers for every genre. If you prefer to get involved with the designers, you can elaborate on the style you admire.

When you think about hiring a professional service, budget plays the main role. Your budget decides if you need just one editor or a whole team to manage your project. Today, you will find many people who will do the job for you at a competitive rate.

By polishing your content, you get closer to your goal of how to make money as an author. Every expert author has a habit of proofreading the work before sending it further to the client. Even if you have someone in mind who is going to fix your content, you have to go through the manuscript after you finish writing.

This practice will help you in your future projects. When you read the edited work, you’ll get the chance to evaluate the weak points of your writing.

Don’t Be Afraid of Publishing Many Books

Another frequently asked question is do authors make money from one book or a series; in other words, which one of the two options has more earning potential. Well, it is as simple; the more books you have, the more you are going to sell, and eventually, the more money you’ll earn. Therefore, it’s better to release an entire series of your story.

You can pick between two genres of fiction and non-fiction. If you are writing fiction, you must create a descriptive world that captures the readers in your story. In non-fiction, you need to leave readers with a new perspective on life after reading the book. Such self-help books or other guides are extremely helpful for the readers in life.

If you have already written a story and can’t break it into more parts, you can change the narrative of the story. Or, you can change the lead character into a side character to portray the side of the story that the audience would love to hear.

Another approach that authors take is to create another story based on the same imaginary world or just by interlinking a fresh plot with the previous book.

On the other hand, if you are writing non-fiction, you can explore more about the topic and write in series. For instance, in your first book, you tell the audience about the benefits of a retail business. In the next edition, you can introduce platforms to start that business. In this way, you keep your old target audience intact.

Market Services Related to Your Book

One more idea on how to make money as an author is by offering a service that gets you money other than the sales of your book.

Let’s say you have a self-help book. You can share the insights on a whole new level by arranging seminars. Motivational speakers have a large audience today. You can choose different platforms to cash in your knowledge as an author.

If that’s not meant for you, you can teach writers to improve their writing. Consulting is a great way to get extra income from what you have learned from your journey as a writer.

Additionally, when you are not teaching people to upskill, you can offer your ghostwriting, editing, or proofreading services. With these skills, you can earn a big buck by getting through projects and making a good reputation. However, this is not going to be easy as it takes a lot of time.

It may take months or even years to establish yourself as a reputable author, but once you do that, it’s going to be very lucrative.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, now you know the answer to “do authors make money”. If everything goes right for you, you can make a substantial amount of money in your lifetime. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as writing one book and spending your whole life enjoying its earnings. You need to be consistent on your journey as an author by continuing your hustle.

Lastly, you don’t need to be as great as the iconic authors that made a fortune with their books. You can still earn money with the correct approach and by taking inspiration from popular writers. And fortunately, you have agencies like the Universal Book Writer to help you bring in cash with your idea.


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