When winter weather strikes, you want to be as prepared as possible if you’re on the road. From folding tonneau covers to emergency kits, there are a range of things you can use to ensure you’re road-ready even when winter weather hits.

Cover Your Cargo

If you often haul things in the bed of your truck, you want to be able to protect them from the snow and moisture that comes with winter weather. Tonneau covers are created to help with just this type of problem. Keeping a cover on your truck bed means you aren’t constantly worried about moisture or cleaning out leaves or other debris from the truck bed. Covers are easy to install and easy to fold up when you do need to haul taller cargo in the truck bed, so you never need to worry that your cover is an inconvenience.

Protect Your Seats From Snow

Choosing the right seat covers for winter weather is important for protecting your seats from frigid temperatures and moisture from the snow that gets into the truck when you do. There are a wide variety of options that range from neoprene to canvas. If you drive a lot during inclement weather, you’ll likely want to stick to canvas covers since they are the most durable. However, if you don’t want to sacrifice style to protect your truck’s interior, it’s a good idea to consider custom seat covers. This way, you can protect your truck while ensuring that your personality still shines through.

Service Your Tires

You want to be as safe as possible when you’re driving during winter weather, which means it’s important to service your tires before the roads start to get slick. Many newer trucks have all-weather tires. If yours does, you won’t need to put new tires on your truck, but you should have them rotated, ensure they still have good tread depth, and make sure that they are inflated properly. If you don’t have all-weather tires, you may need to switch to winter tires, especially if you live in an area where there is a lot of snow and ice during the winter. Ask your preferred body shop for help if you aren’t sure what kind of tires are on your truck or which kind you need.

Create an Emergency Kit

It’s very important to have an emergency kit in your truck. In addition to a first aid kit, there are a range of other items that you should include. A bag of cat litter, a shovel, and an ice scraper can help you get your truck ready for the road if necessary. Jumper cables are also important since batteries drain faster in the winter. Other items to consider include a blanket, flares or flags to alert people to your truck, water, snacks, and an extra cell phone charger. You might also want to add a tool kit, extra clothes, and an empty gas can in case you run out of gas.

When you prepare your truck for winter weather, you help to ensure that you don’t end up in an unsafe situation on the road. Get your truck ready as soon as possible to be sure you aren’t caught without the things you need to navigate in the snow and ice.

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