There’s a high possibility you know someone who got a bill shock after traveling abroad and did some international calling. Bill shock is when you negatively react after receiving unexpected phone bill expenses. The expenses are usually unintended or accidental.

This shouldn’t be your story too. It will be too expensive if it happens to you with the current global economic recession. Being smart while abroad is the only way to avoid the astronomical costs of international calling.

It is essential to stay in touch while you’re away from home, whether traveling for business or pleasure. It helps you and your loved ones to avoid worrying while ensuring your businesses are running as usual. Thus, finding premium-quality international calls with affordable calling rates is what you’d want to do.

The good news is that you can make cheap or free international calls in various ways today. You can leverage the following tricks to avoid hefty phone bills:

  • Install international calling apps
  • Use Wifi while you’re in airplane mode
  • Buy a phone calling card
  • Turn on your data roaming
  • Change your app settings

You’ll realize that you’ll usually be making free or cheap international calls with these tricks. Here’s how the tricks work:

  1. Install International Calling Apps

International calling apps have the most exceptional financial benefits for users. You can’t avoid installing these apps if you’re traveling abroad. This is because it is inevitable to want to keep in touch with your people back home. These applications are impressive as they can halve your phone bill.

Some of the apps that you need to have on your phone before you travel include:

  • Telegram
  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • Talk360
  • FaceTime

The apps have many benefits besides financial savings. For instance, their audio quality is HD, and it keeps improving, proving users with premium-quality international calls. This guarantees minimal static or delay in your ability to hear the person you’re calling at the end of the connection.

However, some of these apps require both parties to have access to a stable internet connection and the software for it to connect. However, for countries that have less access to the internet, like Ethiopia and other African countries, depending on Wi-Fi to connect around the globe isn’t sufficient.

Ethiopia is a particular country with low internet penetration. This simply means that most parts of the country don’t have access to the internet. So how can you stay in touch with people in a rural area?

Don’t worry! With the technology revolution, international calling apps can route calls across the internet and Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN). PSTN supports national, international, and local networks.

Talk360 is one of the apps that make use of this technology. The app can connect calls to regular phones and even landlines. You can leverage this app to call Ethiopia for free to stay in touch with your loved ones and business partners. It is an excellent app because the receiver doesn’t have the pressure to purchase data or install the app.

You can make an international call provided you have enough credits. So go ahead and make that call to Ethiopia and other countries, as it is quick, easy, and offers affordable calling rates.

  1. Buy a Phone Calling Card

An inexpensive phone international calling card is another invaluable trick you can explore. Phone calling cards are widely available and you can buy them in various airports. Therefore, this might be a practical way to save money when making international calls for their affordable calling rates.

Other places you can buy the calling cards include payphones, hotels, and eateries. You’ll likely find this a better alternative when comparing hotel costs for domestic, international, and toll-free calls.

The only notable disadvantage of phone calling cards is that not all cards can connect to your preferred countries. So ensure you do your due diligence before buying a phone calling card, or it might disappoint you.

  1. Turn Off Your Data Roaming

After Brexit, the roaming charges came back with a bang. Naturally, we become engrossed in our phones, tablets, and laptops while on vacation. You should stop doing this if you don’t want to have bill shock after your vacation.

So ensure your turn off your cellular data roaming if you want to save money. This is because our phones are always linked, and most devices will need WiFi to connect.

Your phone carrier will usually notify you when you start using roaming data. However, you can’t take chances, as data roaming can skyrocket your phone bill.

Roaming occurs when your phone connects to a foreign network. Most local and regional carriers partner with international providers to enable your phone to connect to networks abroad. Once your phone connects to a roaming network, your phone carrier will smile from ear to ear. This just means, they could charge you hefty amounts from then on.

So ensure you follow these steps to disable the roaming data—select cellular data on your phone settings. Then click on turn off data roaming from the menu.

Doing this blocks you from connecting to a different network, even when you’re browsing the web. Also, ensure you disable the WiFi Assist. This feature connects your phone to cellular data when you have a weak WiFi connection.

  1. Change Your Apps Settings

Don’t be tricked into believing that your data is safe when you’re not actively using an app. Your phone can still consume data even when the application is dormant for a while. Also, due to preloading content, the app can keep downloading content, even when you are not watching a video. Most people always get caught unaware of this information.

Additionally, you may unintentionally download a high-resolution video when you don’t intend to consume the content. This results in excessive usage of data and expensive phone bills. The trick is to ensure your data saving option in your app settings is on. Moreover, ensure you disable video auto play on your phone.

Facebook is another app that may consume a lot of data but you can leverage their Facebook Lite app to avoid overages. The Facebook lite may be a bit boring compared to the original one, but it saves a lot of consumable data.

  1. Leverage Free WiFi and Switch on the Airplane Mode

These tips are of no value if you don’t have access to a stable internet connection, especially WiFi. So ensure you search and hang out in places that have access to a strong WiFi connection.

Hotels, restaurants, and public libraries sometimes offer free WiFi. Besides, you can leverage tools to help you locate free WiFi in your area. And to avoid any extra charges when using the WiFi connection, you can turn on Airplane mode.

This gives you confidence that you won’t use data when making calls on the apps. So you can enjoy your cheap premium quality calls to Ethiopia and other parts of the world without worrying about the phone bill.


Don’t incur hefty phone expenses when technology has simplified it for us. Today you can make premium-quality international calls without breaking the bank.

There are many offers you can find when searching for cheap international calling rates. Leverage readily available apps like Talk360 to stay in touch with your loved ones. It’s not only inexpensive, but they also make high-quality audio calls to regular phones and landlines.

These tips make it easy to call your friends and family from anywhere in the world.

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