Curly hair 

Curls can be unpredictable and difficult to manage, and having wild kinky curly hair can be less than desirable on some days. The difference between fighting and loving your curls is all in your hair care routine. Whether you follow a certain hair care routine or find the right products and hairstyles for your specific curl type makes, managing your curly hair is easy.

Also, treating your kinky curly hair in the right way can make your curls healthier. So, scroll down below and find out how you can care for and style your curly hair without stepping into a salon. 

Combing Curls From Bottom Up 

Passion twist hair 

Instead of combing your hair from the top and going to the bottom as you work your way, for curly hair, it is always better to detangle hair from the bottom up as it allows you to gently detangle every knot formed. To protect your hair from damage and detangle it efficiently, it is recommended to saturate your kinky curly hair with a quality hair detangler. You can use a wide-tooth comb or even a specially-designed detangling brush.  

It is always better to use a wide-tooth comb as kinky curly hair is one of the most fragile hair types; each curl is at its breaking point. So, using a wide-tooth comb, you can gently detangle the curls by not disrupting the natural curl pattern as much as a regular brush. 

Not Weighing Down Curls With Too Many Products 

Beautiful curls 

When your kinky curly hair is dry and dull, the last thing you want to do is weigh it down with a ton of products. Suppose you feel like you are applying too many products to your hair and want to reduce the number of products on your hair. You can apply a dime-size blob of styling cream or oil to your ends to add that extra moisture and bounce. 

Sprintz is an easy-to-use conditioning spray that can be sprayed all over kinky curly hair, concentrating on the ends if your hair is thin or you want lightweight hydration. Smoothen the hair by applying a cream-based leave-in conditioner when it is soaking wet to add hydration and definition. 

The Pineapple Trick To Kepp The Curls Fresh 

Pineapple trick to keep the curls fresh 

Pineapple is a hairstyle that involves loosely gathered hair at the highest point of the heat before sleeping. The pineapple hairstyle will protect the curly extensions or curl pattern while also assisting your hair in maintaining natural volume and preventing excessive bedhead. When you are ready to wear your hair down, remove the pony and shake it. 

Using A Silk Or Satin Pillowcase 

Using a silk or satin pillowcase 

Using a silk hair scrunchie between washes is recommended to prevent hair breakage and ponytail creasing and to keep all hair looking pristine. The silk or satin pillowcases have been known to reduce bedhead by reducing friction on the hair overnight and leaving the hair looking sleek and hydrated day after day.  You can also tiw them into protective hairstyles like passion twist hair.

Curl Diffuser To Even Out Curl Pattern 

Curl diffuser to even out curl pattern 

A hair diffuser can minimize much of the frizz that comes with naturally air-dried kinky curly hair. The hair diffuser will disperse your hair dryer’s stream of hot air into a larger space and can also to even out your curl pattern and increase the volume of heavy curls giving your hair more body and texture. 

Steps In Using Diffuser 

  1. After showering, use a microfibre towel in scrunching motions to remove excess moisture from your hair. Never put your hair up in a towel, as it will disrupt your curl pattern and cause frizz for you. 
  2. Use your preferred hair products and a thermal kinky curly hair protectant.
  3. Insert your strands into the diffuser, wrapping it around your hair.
  4. Repeat until you have defined curls all over your body. It’s fine if your hair isn’t completely dry: letting curls air dry can also help prevent frizz.

Refreshing Curls With A Curling Wand 

Refreshed curls 

Curling your kinky curly hair is a great way to perk them up when they have become saggy or unruly. However, the curling iron should be the same diameter as your curls. Are your curls too tight? Go one size to stretch them; if you want tighter curls, you can go one size down. 

A curling wand is an excellent tool for fine-tuning naturally curly extensions allowing you to reshape curls precisely where needed. Whether at the mid-strand, the root, or the end, without having to roll the entire strand up in an iron. You will have perfectly defined curls to slay your looks in just a few minutes. 

Some Hairstyles That You Can Try With Curly Hair 

Top Knot 

Top knot 

Make a ponytail with your hair and secure it with an elastic band. Then, take two sections of hair and wrap one around the base of the ponytail, pinning it in place with a pin. Now wrap the second section around the first and secure it with a bobby pin before gently pulling the bun full and round with your fingers. To add length and volume , you can add curly extensions. 

Braided Headband 

Braided headband 

In damp hair, make a deep side part and braid along the hairline toward the opposite temple. When you get past your ear, use bobby pins to secure the braid beneath the rest of your hair.  With the curly extensions you can always add length and more texture on your hair. 

Simple Braids 

Simple braids 

The most simple and versatile protective styles a curly-haired girl can have are dutch braids and french braid and passion twist hair. To significantly reduce the tension required for braiding, use hair priming products to moisturize your hair and completely detangle your curls.

Divide your kinky curly hair into two sections down from the middle, then divide each into three pieces. Make a three-strand braid starting at the font and the top. Repeat on the left side, adding more hair gradually as you braid down to the bottom. Use an elastic or a clip to secure each braid.


Kinky Curly hair is distinct from other hair textures as it needs more hydration, less washing, and a lot of patience than straight hair types. Curly hair is a blessing in disguise, but to make it a blessing, you should have a maintained best curly hair routine for your hair care and give them the right products to always look fresh and beautiful with your curls. 

Get your curly hair products from Indique, and also, if you want to know more about curly hair textures, then check out Indique’s blog, as they have some of the best ideas for nurturing your hair. 

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