A couple of national channels, one international media outlet and three radio stations are broadcasted through the Lithuania National Radio and Television. These factors alone serve to be pretty good attractions for the viewers from all over the world. 

As soon as they are created, nations typically create official broadcast channels for themselves. In 1926, the first radio station and the Lithuania National Radio and Television Company were established. Then, in 1957, HD television started to take over. Since then, media and content have changed tremendously. 

The current headquarters of LRT are located in Vilnius, Lithuania. 75% of the channel’s income comes from government funding and commercials. LRT officially joined the European Broadcasting Union in 1993. Since the channel’s inception, its material has seen a significant transformation.

By 2019, Lithuanian National Radio and Television employed about 600 people. LRT started a project in May 2007 to digitise all of its films, which included 30,000 hours of VHS and 5,000 hours of cinefilm. In 1895, the first entry was made. 

For the purpose of providing international news coverage, LRT works with both private and public media, such as Deutsche Welle, Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and others. From the time of the country’s independence’s restoration in 1991 until December 31, 1992, LRT was a member of the International Radio and Television Organization.’

Certain websites and streaming channels, such as Lithuania Radio and National Television, are geo-restricted, preventing users from accessing desired content. The usage of a VPN makes it simple to circumvent such constraints.

How do I get access to LRT Online From Anywhere?

With the insights on politics and the usual happening around the world, everyone wants access to LRT. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how LRT actually works from anywhere other than Lithuania. For that. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you are in; as long as you have Ivacy VPN, you can access LRT online in 3 easy steps:

  • Sign-up for your VPN Account and get your Credentials. This process is really simple and the website is structured in such a way that it’ll make it even easier for you. 
  • Connect to your choice of server. Access the VPN app and connect to the Latvia server in this case in order to get access to LRT. 
  • Having done this, you should be able to watch LRT Live Online from anywhere in the world.

Its 2022, why do they even have geographic restrictions?

Well, your question is totally valid. The LRT content or catalogue varies per nation due to territorial licensing. This is how it goes. In order to refine their audience and keep it relevant to Lithuanian audience, LRT has imposed a geographical restriction on their viewers. 

Does the imposition of VPN have an effect on the streaming quality?

It’s sheer delight to stream without buffering. But what if we told you that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) limits your bandwidth? Throttling is the deliberate slowing down of your internet speeds by your internet service provider (ISP), limiting your bandwidth for some websites. Unfortunately, ISPs have the ability to throttle and become a hindrance between any internet activity, including live streaming. Speed Throttling causes stuttering and buffering problems too. Say goodbye to stuttering while viewing LRTV or other streaming services like as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, ESPN, HBO, and others using Ivacy! 

LRT, like all other geo-restricted channels, can detect a VPN, but only because it can detect when the same IP address logs in to the website repeatedly. The website’s servers are unconcerned about this. There is also no method for the website’s administrators to determine the user’s physical location.

Only encrypted data flowing to a server via Ivacy VPN is visible to LRT. They cannot see what is in your traffic, where it is going, or where it is originating from. It will not be able to observe what websites you visit or what you do online while connected to a VPN. The safe servers of Ivacy VPN are designed to protect your location regardless of where you are.

Is this process legal?

The fact is, LRT itself shows the promotion of geographical variance in its programming diversity and content synergy claims. LRT.lt web portal provides news in Lithuanian, English, and Russian languages. LRT has also gained a wider following on social media. Except for content subject to limited distribution rights, all LRT content broadcast or published on television or radio is freely and worldwide accessible via VPN and is preserved on the web portal’s digital platforms Mediateka and Audioteka.

To sum it all up… 

By this point, it has been established that VPNS really do make life easier and more feasible for television viewers who are plagued by geo-restrictions. If you are a Lithuanian who cannot simply access LRT content from overseas, download a VPN of your choice and say goodbye to your issues.

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