Product management is gaining significant popularity in India. This demand results from the growing Indian economy and the push toward developing the Indian industrial sector. Any company that deals with a product or service must have a dedicated product management team. A capable product management team can increase the company’s performance to a significant degree. Therefore companies go on to great lengths when employing a product management team, even more so for product managers. Due to the responsibilities a product manager has and the risk associated with product management, companies look for an experienced and capable product leader. A product management certification shows that the person has the skills required to execute the tasks. For this reason, product management courses in India are a must for aspiring product managers.

Product management and its importance

Product management is a standard business practice. In it, the goal is to manage a product from the very beginning to its end. Every product follows more or less the same route. It is known as a product’s life cycle. The product life cycle is often divided into four parts: brainstorming ideas, market research, prototype building and product launch. These stages must be managed appropriately to create a worthy product. Let’s discuss these in minor detail.

  • Brainstorming ideas

In this stage, the product management team develops ideas and shortlists them according to their potential. Anyone can come up with ideas but finding worthy candidate ideas is much more complicated.

  • Market research

A study on the market will yield valuable insights such as trending products, product design ques and problems that can be solved. It also helps in validating an idea by surveying potential customers.

  • Prototype development

In this stage, an idea is shaped into its physical form. It is a long process containing lots of trial and error. And only after many iterations a good product and packaging is developed. After the desired prototype is created, the company will reach out to potential customers for their feedback, and this feedback will be used for the final touches.

  • Product launch and customer relation

Companies focus heavily on marketing strategies because a good marketing campaign has the potential to single-handedly boost sales. Therefore planning out a launch campaign is of utmost importance.

Providing customer support and managing overall customer relations can bring many loyal customers to a company.

A product manager’s job is to oversee the entire product development process and lead the product management team.

Why a product management course?

Product management courses teach the students the basics of product management, various required software, product management process, time management skills, leadership and communication skills. To become a capable product manager, one must have all the previous knowledge and skills. Let’s discuss these in detail.

  • Basics of product management

In it, the student will be taught the fundamentals of product management. They will learn about the different stages of the product life cycle.

  • Software and tools

Product managers must incorporate various software and tools to increase overall productivity and manage customer relations.

Software for road mapping can provide a better communication platform for the product management team.

Team management software allows the product manager to increase the team’s productivity by providing a platform that will enable easy task assignment and tracking facility.

  • Product management process

A product management course will go in-depth to teach product management skills. A good industry-aligned course loaded with experienced faculty can teach the students about the practical implementation of product management techniques.

  • Time management skills

In this rapidly changing world, trends come in a blink of an eye. Therefore the industry requires rapid development and deployment of products while also not compromising on the quality of the development process. A product management course teaches the importance of time management and how one should go about the time management process. It is a skill that can be developed through practice and leadership skills. It will allow the product manager to influence the entire team and, in turn, be able to meet all of the deadlines.

  • Leadership skills

Not just for product managers, any executive post requires excellent leadership skills. Only a capable leader can motivate a team and bring out the best in every individual. Product management courses take great care in developing this skill in the students. Mentorship programs have always been a great help to students struggling with leadership challenges.

  • Communication skills

Being able to communicate ideas with ease is a skill that every manager cherishes. Product management courses teach communication skills and allow students to express themselves concisely and effectively.

Benefits of product management courses in India

Thanks to the growing Indian economy, the demand for product managers in India has grown significantly. Product management courses in India bring excellent opportunities for individuals. Product managers are some of the highest-paid individuals and the median salary of an experienced product manager is around 20 lakh rs per annum.

Another benefit of taking on the course in India is the affordability aspect. The classes are offered at significantly cheaper rates while also maintaining international standards. One can take various product management courses and certifications starting as low as 8000 Rs and going up to 1 lakh Rs depending on the type of course.

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