What features do the top brands in the world share? They all have a sizable following on Instagram. They all have millions of followers even though they all work in quite different markets.

With over 800 million users, it’s no surprise that influencers and businesses of all stripes are using Instagram to broaden their reach and attract new customers.

Here is a detailed list of tactics employed by some of the top Instagram users worldwide.

1. Utilize Instagram’s tools to grow your following and engagement

Recently, a number of innovative new technologies have entered the market with the aim of enabling social media influencers and marketers to boost Instagram follower engagement and follower numbers. You can use tools like insfollowup to do the same.

The aforementioned Instagram solutions can quickly and significantly improve the number of followers for social media marketers.

2. Become social and leave comments on other accounts

Don’t forget that Instagram is a social networking platform where you may interact with others who have similar interests to you and discover new people. Submit your comments on other posts, congratulate the author on a job well done, or offer your own viewpoint on the subject. 

3. Make use of influencers

Influencers are individuals who have a sizable following of devoted, engaged followers—a characteristic that everyone wants in their audience. One may use influencers to gain access to their devoted following and win them over as new fans of your own.

The influencers must be relevant to your brand and part of your niche, and that is the most crucial thing to remember. As long as those requirements are satisfied, influencer marketing is a surefire strategy to increase your Instagram following.

Influencer marketing can be used in a variety of ways to increase follower numbers, but it is well outside the spectrum of this article. So, to increase your reach, conduct your homework and make use of influencer marketing.

4. Instagram Stories are useful

Even if stories only remain for a day, their influence lasts much longer, specifically when it comes to the greatest stories, which you’re able to place in your profile’s highlights and allow viewers to the profile to replay repeatedly.

A story may, of course, take the shape of a photo, but for more connection, we advise using videos to give them a more lifelike appearance. Use the tools at your disposal when you can’t produce or modify videos.

Instagram stories are designed to make it simple and quick to share your life’s moments. The finest aspect of this is that there are no post boosts or prepayments required because all stories get featured now at the top of the Instagram profile.

5. Conduct a Contest

Although it may appear to be a simple ruse, this method of increasing Instagram followers has been tried and true. This method is used by numerous brands and marketers, and they quickly notice the benefits. If one asks the question, how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes? Then this could be the answer. 

All you have to do is start a giveaway and invite participants by asking them to tag friends in the comments and follow your account. Additionally, make sure your description stimulates users to tag just those individuals who would be really interested in your brand.

6. Create Reels

Reels, a brand-new Instagram feature, are brief, interesting videos that can last a maximum of 90 secs. Reels can be entertaining, inventive, and educational all at once.

Now is the perfect time to start utilizing reels. Reels are a terrific method to increase traffic to your profile and expand your audience

7. Tend to spend on Instagram ads

Advertising must be mentioned in any list of advice on how to grow your Instagram following. After all, it is the tried-and-true method of increasing leads (in this case, followers) for businesses that are prepared to engage in it.

Instagram advertising is displayed to a much wider, more relevant audience than your stories and feeds, which are solely available to your current audience. By spending money on advertisements, you can connect with a sizable population of a particular class or target sector.


The methods listed above are some of the most effective for increasing your Instagram following. Simple tips like writing a great bio and using the best hashtags are common. Use this advanced advice on how to increase your Instagram following and establish a great online presence.

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