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Influencer marketing, the guide

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Influencer marketing is a promotional strategy. Take advantage of the notoriety of others to have advantages with the brand on the internet. It is based on finding people to refer to in a community to make your brand known and make it desirable.

What does it mean to be an influencer?

Businesses need influencers . They need, first and foremost, people who can be a testimonial for a name and become an ambassador. That is to say, a person who becomes an ambassador of your name, is the spokesperson for it.

Obviously this is advertising but if done right everything becomes really effective. What do you need to know about the world of influencer marketing? Here is a brief guide .

What is influencer marketing: meaning

Definition of influencer marketing: a web marketing strategy necessary to reach a community through the notoriety of a famous person .

How does influencer marketing work? Identify profiles, contact people and collect the results of a contract with people capable of giving the visibility necessary to obtain concrete results in terms of visibility, engagement and new followers.

Working with influencers means taking advantage of the work of those who have cultivated a community . This activity must be carried out by those who know the rules of blogging outreach, or the analysis necessary to understand who to contact, and of digital PR .

difference between bloggers and influencers

What is influencer marketing for?

The definition of social influencer marketing crosses that of advertising but the logic is different. To understand this concept, it is necessary to trace the roots in the concept of sneezer.

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The concept that applies to digital influencer marketing: there are people who can spread ideas. The more they sneeze to spread the virus, the lower the viral load. That’s why you have to carefully choose the influencer and the trend-setter with whom to collaborate. Then the focus is on honesty towards customers .


Intercepting an influencer doesn’t mean paying to get a retweet or a share , but working on a contact’s interests to get them interested in the service.

This is the meaning of digital influencer marketing. And to learn more about this central topic, I recommend reading Seth Godin’s text. Which made the history of influence marketing.

Why should we do influencer marketing!!!

This strategy is essential to be able to intercept a more or less wide audience – it depends on the objectives set – with the voice of a trusted person .

While direct advertising is seen as the intrusion of a company interested only in selling, influencer marketing aims to be a natural mechanism.

People trust people. As you can see from this graphic, branded content (the content created by a particular brand) must face the harsh prejudice of consumers. Why should they trust the content created and distributed by someone who is selling a good or service? The answer is obvious.

Influencer Opinions Can Improve Conversions – Image Source

92% of the public interviewed for this research trusts the advice of those who have no ties to the brand, and 70% indicate reviews as the second source of information to guide purchases. Bloggers also have great credit: 35% of the reference sample use blogs to discover new products.

Having an influencer able to share opinions and content in your favor means increasing conversions . What are the elements of influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing campaigns for companies

Why do companies need influencers? Do they need to create lasting relationships with these characters? Sure, people trust people. What are the reasons why companies should focus on influencer marketing campaigns?

  • They reach specific communities.
  • They break into close-knit niches.
  • They get real engagement.
  • They can get backlinks .
  • They work on brand awareness .
  • They can focus on storytelling .

Doing influencer marketing isn’t easy. You have to identify the right profiles, you have to win the attention of influencers, you have to fuel discussions and contacts with these people. Trying to personalize  communication.

Who do buyers trust?

You have to invest to intercept the interest of influencers, also because often these characters cannot be reached through official channels. But the important thing is another: companies need human faces.

Only by speaking with the voice of those who have won the trust of the public over time can they hope to obtain good results. Companies can reach niches in a virtuous way if they choose people who can speak to the community.

But where should companies invest? What influences the purchases? Each reality is a separate example, but in the graph taken from the site already mentioned above you can see how important it is to have a good contribution from influencer bloggers.

How influencer marketing works

Influencer marketing is advertising, it must be treated as such. You cannot  pass an endorsement  (explicit support) as an independent choice otherwise you are cheating the public. The advertising nature must be clear.

Even beyond the classic  Instagram hashtags  #adv, #ad, #sponsored,  #paid or #partnership . As the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) points out, it’s not enough because a simple  #ad hashtag  gets lost and unnoticed in 30 labels.

Influencer marketing on Instagram imposes a  partnership program  that shows the company you work with for each photo. In general, the important thing is to report the advertising nature of the content on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.

If you work on the blog you must use the nofollow in the link  pointing to the site . In this way it loses all  SEO relevance  but if you do not do it you risk incurring a penalty by Google which does not allow  paid links .

Who are the influencers and what do they do?

The influencer is a very followed person on a social channel capable of creating constant interest in their business . She and she managed to become famous.

The main ingredient of the success of a blogger, tik toker, youtuber or instagrammer ? Usually the audience volumes are large, but always of quality.

The nature of the influencer, who he is and what he does.

The ability to talk about one’s passions. Then comes the technique, but above all the ability to listen to the public and create a community. The influencer created his community on a social network and managed to become a totem for his tribe .

How much does influencer marketing cost?

Can they make money as an influencer, become rich and famous ? From the outside it looks spectacular, where you make easy money and monetize it in minutes.

Here is an estimate of how much an influencer earns . Those with a lot of followers can go beyond $ 10,000 on Instagram. But what are the exact numbers? Firstly, we have to say that influencer marketing on YouTube is more profitable.

The most convenient social networks, source Statista .

Perhaps because it takes longer to package content. But how much does an influencer make? According to analysis by social media marketing platform Hopper HQ , Ronaldo is the Instagram influencer who earns the most with one per sponsored post, grossing an average of $ 1.6 million per post .

Many Instagram influencers are able to earn more than a million dollars by selling their influence: Dwayne Johnson also reaches similar figures – $ 1.5 million – and the same goes for Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Lionel Messi.

How does an influencer make money?

With companies looking for visibility . But having followers is not enough. To learn more, you can take a look at this research on how much an influencer earns .

Influencers are part of an advertising circuit:  they lend their visibility  to a company. So they get paid. Who pays these people? Brands, of course.

Pay those who benefit from the  sponsored post . How much does an influencer make? It depends, here is a list of the most famous names and how much they earn per post. Here is the  ranking of the  most popular influencers according to the Influencer Marketing Hub site.

Now, who should be doing influencer marketing? People are able to bring benefits to companies that decide to invest. This is the crucial point: influencers earn thanks to companies, they are paid by those who create sponsored posts.

How many types of influencers are there?

People often ask how to become an influencer on Instagram or a blog just to increase the numbers and sell this visibility to companies. It does not work like this. Also because there are different types of influencers. For example? Here is a basic list.

Nano influencer

Contacts that have few fans but a high engagement rate among a vertical audience. So it positions itself on a niche, a specialized audience that does not allow  influencers to enter  their circle easily. It is not generalist.

You don’t shoot in the pile – you talk to knowledgeable people who only trust similar characters. Therefore competent, able to  demonstrate  their belonging in the field.

The advantages of a micro influencer: it has a  lower price per post on Instagram , then it manages to obtain results for which it is useless to  have a large number of followers . It is not necessary to increase followers on Instagram to earn visibility.

Powerful Sneezer

They are the influencers who don’t let themselves be guided, who don’t just want to  make money online . They know the secret of success: a sneeze means  losing some of the power . Each time they agree to spread a virus, the power diminishes.

So this is the reason that makes this figure special. The influencer  has an idea , spreads it, and does not waste resources to promote flags and weathervanes.


The ambassador is a figure who marries the signature , becomes one with the brand by embracing the values. It is not a question of the simple economic relationship: there is affinity.

It does not have great influence in niches but offers quantitatively virtuous numbers, and works on large groups of users. Has the ability to reach the crowd .

Celebrity endorsement

Famous name, celebrity who lends his name to a brand. Often there is no link with the brand, there is no affinity but only an economic relationship based on the visibility of the testimonial. Companies have always used testimonials to make ADV.


Ever heard of it? They are true trend-setters , subjects able to find and influence the public with news. They work on what is not yet famous.


Customers are satisfied with the work or the goods purchased . It is a completely spontaneous influencer, and therefore particularly effective in the communities.

How to do influencer marketing: strategy

Doing influencer marketing isn’t easy. At least at the beginning it all seems easy, because at the base of this concept is the idea of ​​reaching the most visible person and paying them to have them talk about you and your company on Instagram or on the blog.

It does not work like this. Influencer marketing is a science, a methodical work that must be managed in a timely manner . By experienced people. The framework describes a clear process. Here are the points that an influencer marketing agency must respect.

Definition of the audience

This involves identifying and studying your online audience. This step is linked to the influencer marketing strategy because through the analysis of the target you can choose, evaluate and engage the right influencers for the purpose.

Identify influencers

It’s about finding the right influencers. You have to look for individuals who can intercept the right people, who have credibility in a target audience, and who make a positive impact by influencing the decision-making process of buyers.

Begin to go beyond the numerical aspect. Don’t just look at followers. Look for the influencer by considering the passions and interests of the people you want to reach. But also the ability to create conversations with the public.

How to become an influencer marketing expert.

There are many ways to find an influencer but not all of them are suitable for your purpose. You have to discard, first of all, those that do not concern your target and then those that  you do not want / can  reach. What does this reasoning mean?

Very simple. Take a look at  Gianluca Diegoli ‘s scheme : below the horizontal axis there are the beggars, those who have low power  towards the public , while above the horizontal axis there are the more difficult influencers.

Tool to find influencers

To find the right people, you need to use influencer marketing software. I use several such as Hootsuite , Mention but also Talkwalker to monitor conversations to improve the various phases and  discover  the ambassadors.

Tool What is it for
Buzzoole Finder to find useful contacts.
Cision Create influencer marketing campaigns.
Mention Find influencers who mention a theme.
Onalytica Search the databases.
Tweetreach Identify influencers on Twitter.
Buzzstream Identify influencers from databases.
Klear Full Influencer Marketing Software.
Grouphigh Search engine to find contacts.
Brandwatch Brand monitoring on social media.
Hootsuite Find and follow contacts on Twitter.

This is just a selection of the best  tools for influencer marketing . But I decided to deepen the subject by focusing on two tools.


What is the best influencer marketing software? What revolutionized my world is  Buzzsumo  which summarizes all the people who have shared a piece of content on one screen. And that could be useful for the campaign in question.

I find it an excellent tool to find testimonials also because it sorts people into categories related to my work: journalists, bloggers, influencers, companies, average users. This way you can  thin out the crowd  and find only those who interest you.

Do you want to talk to bloggers because they can help your project? Here they are. Do you want to target journalists or influencers? You just have to  follow the labels . In any case you can also find something similar in another tool that bears the name of  Talkwalker .


Followerwonk is decisive. This tool, in fact, is perfect for obtaining all the information necessary to evaluate a particular account: the fact that it shares content close to your professional universe does not mean that it is suitable or useful.

With Followerwonk you can analyze the followers of the people you are interested in: this tool allows you, for example, to obtain the  geographical origin  of the followers, the hours of greatest activity, the number of followers, the frequency of tweets.


Now you have to keep the ambassadors under control: you can create a  Twitter list  to be monitored with Hootsuite and to insert blogs in a folder of the feed reader.

Tracking: Track influencers

Influencers need to be observed. It means that you have to listen to them and discover the contents they produce, disseminate, share. What topics are they addressing? Do they answer questions from the audience ? Are they right for you?

To observe the work done by influencers you have to use a series of tools such as, for example, Google Alert to track behavior on web pages or Hootsuite , perfect for social networks. In this regard, I also recommend TweetDeck and Mention.

Contact testimonials by email

Once you have  identified the right names  for your business, you need to contact them with an email to propose a collaboration. In the beginning, you can ask for information and availability for collaboration and only later talk about compensation.

Attention, you must not spam but make yourself known as the right person for  the project that your contact is carrying out. An influencer is such because he knows how to choose.

How to hire professionals

You know what a testimonial is, you understand who to contact and what tools to use to identify them. You have the lists, you have the contacts. Now  you need to interact  with the names.

I prefer to  talk to people , so I suggested observing the rule of the middle influencer: VIPs don’t have the time / desire to talk to a stranger. With those who share your field there are more opportunities to interact.


How do interactions arise?

Spontaneously, by answering a question or inserting your opinion into a conversation. Maybe  by selecting a content  and mentioning a contact who will surely be interested.

In this way you are giving a  useful service , but it is right to brush up on the principles of  comment marketing : I leave you a series of points that will be convenient for you.

  • Leave meaningful interventions.
  • Avoid sarcasm.
  • Don’t think about sharing links right away .

This point is important. The interaction doesn’t have to be aimed at getting a link to the blog to pass right away . This applies to comment marketing, but also to building a relationship with influencers. All this is useful but not enough, you know?

Create a real relationship

Engage the influencer with simple actions and then with a contact. Start studying his actions, follow them on social media, contact them directly. You have to build rapport.

In this regard, it is right to consider the aspect linked to content marketing . To work with influencers, you need to create experiences . This means you need to provide content that is thought for the influencer, it’s not enough to just recycle the press release .

Measure the results obtained

Results that need to be monitored carefully. How? Through the relationships that are being built. Define methods to understand how they can be translated into tangible events such as visits, citations, conversions and leads that are useful for the purpose.

Don’t let influencer marketing be boastful. Increasing blog visits is useless if there is no valid plan . What are the KPIs of influencer marketing?

  • Reach, scope of the influencer marketing campaign.
  • Engagement, the involvement of the public.
  • Lead generation , how many potential contacts obtained.
  • Link building , how many backlinks earned with influencers.
  • Sales, the results in terms of completed conversions.
  • ROI, return on investment of the campaign carried out.

Above all, aim for useful long-term results. You need to gain trust and build bonds between brands and influencers by thinking about the future, not the spot collaboration.

Influencer marketing, success stories

Are there any social media influencer marketing campaigns to take as a reference? I took a look at the virtuous examples and discovered this Internet Marketing Hub article dedicated to the best case studies. One of the most interesting is that of Nike. When the brand decided to promote Air Vapormax, it started collaborating with the YouTube channel What’s Inside?

Another example of a campaign with success stories in influencer marketing? Maybelline was bent on pushing sales of her new Falsies Push Up Drama mascara .

In this campaign they decided to work with beauty bloggers and fashion influencers who helped create content related to useful makeup tips.

These influencers worked to drive in-store traffic and promote in-store displays to highlight the product. The brand’s total media value increased 1.3x after this influencer marketing campaign.

Book on influencer marketing in Italy

To get a picture of the situation in Italy I recommend following a person who has always focused his attention on the subject. I’m talking about Matteo Pogliani .

Matteo specializes in influencer marketing and has written a book on the subject. I recommend it, you can find it on Amazon , click on the button to read the card.

Questions and Answers on Influencer Marketing

Working on influencer marketing means investing in a difficult field. Which, however, overcomes the natural distrust of the individual towards the corporate voice , provided that the relationship with the influencers is managed in a natural way. Do you want to learn more?

How do you become an influencer marketing

There may be testimonials, characters who manage to get noticed thanks to a generic notoriety. Then we talk about nano influencers, publishers who speak to niches.


The micro or mini influencer is the person who has few followers but a high credibility in a particular community. The testimonial (or ambassador) is a well-known name that has no bearing on the brand and is mainly used in traditional media.

How to do influencer social media marketing

You need to consider choosing a professional for a niche. In this case we are talking about micro-influencers, people with very low numbers who, however, have a specific focus in a small niche. Are these solutions valid?


They get results in situations where big names, such as testimonials, are ignored. The influencer is based on credibility, on acquired competence.

What does influencer marketing mean?

The influencer is part of the promotion techniques that allow those who  advertise  online to reach the potential customer with something useful.


And if this technique is not understood in this way, but you are only looking for a way to find visibility, perhaps you are wrong. And you should go back to interruption marketing.

What do influencers do in social media marketing?

What does it mean to be an influencer? This term refers to a person who is able to give information to a group by virtue of competence and / or  social proof .


Influencers are web marketing tools, not just  fashion bloggers , that can be used to sell, promote a business and make money online.

If you want to read more informative content then keep in touch with this Blog.

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