If there is one statement that business marketers can agree on, it is that “change is the only constant.”

The marketing landscape can be unpredictable, especially given the recent challenges and uncertainty.

According to CallRail’s agency growth surveys, 94% of small businesses planned to seek marketing assistance after the 2020 shutdowns. According to this year’s report, 95% of marketing professionals in the United States met their revenue targets last year.

So, what’s next for small business marketers looking to gain a competitive advantage in 2023?

Are you equipped with the tools, skills, and knowledge required to succeed in this ever-changing landscape?

How should your company’s strategy change to accommodate frequent market shifts and plan for the future?

With agency professionals predicting even more changes in the coming year, now is the ideal time to get started.

The latest CallRail report, 2023 Agency Predictions: Marketing is becoming more complex, and agencies must adapt. Here you’ll find all the insights you need to give your marketing strategy a boost.

Use Must-Have Automated Marketing Tools to Outperform Your Competition

If you want to differentiate your agency from the competition, you’ll need to find ways to make your workflow more efficient – and automation is a must in this case.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will play a significant role in small business marketing next year, with many top agencies already embracing the technology.

AI is a term that is frequently used, but what exactly does it mean?

Artificial intelligence is essentially an umbrella term for a collection of distinct but related technologies that can simulate human capabilities.

Conversation Intelligence from CallRail is a critical marketing tool that uses artificial intelligence to automatically analyze calls and provide insights into the words and ideas your customers are using. Agencies can then use this data to fine-tune their keyword and marketing strategies.

Andrew R. Mimault, Founder of Mantic Media Group, discussed how automated tools have impacted his business in the following ways:

“We’re able to listen to the calls, find the specific keywords that people are using, and even vocabulary that we might not have thought to build out – and then add them to our search programs,” says the company.

Read the full report to learn more about how this technology could benefit your organization.

SEO Evolution: How to Modify Your Business Marketers Strategy

There was a time when SEO seemed to be all about optimizing your site to rank on Google, and that was about it.

Although search engine optimization (SEO) remains an important component of business marketers strategy, its nature has changed significantly.

Today, business marketers are expanding their SEO strategy to include a variety of alternative search engines, including Bing. Not to mention that optimizing content specifically for social media platforms is becoming more common.

These changes present a slew of new opportunities for small and medium-sized business marketers.

As SEO evolves, you should try implementing the following strategies to create a successful strategy:

Trying out new search terms.
Optimizing for various search engines.
Creating various types of content for various channels.
Analyzing your results to determine which practices are most effective.
With these SEO insights, you can begin expanding your digital marketing campaigns right away.

How Thought Leadership Can Help Your Digital Marketing Company Advance

Every company aspires to be a thought leader. When others in your industry look to you for insights, you know you’re doing something right!

When considering working with a marketing agency, most businesses value brand authority, and quality thought leadership content lends credibility to your organization.
“For growth, agencies tend to rely on relationships and referrals,” said Kristaps Brencans, CEO of On the Map Marketing. “Having a brand and being a respected authority can be beneficial.” It can help you establish a reputation as a top service provider in a specific niche, even if no one has heard of you.”

According to a recent CallRail report, the following are some key thought leadership steps your organization should take:

Decide on your area of expertise.
Implement a call analysis tool, such as Conversation Intelligence, to learn what your customers require from your company and to fine-tune your marketing strategy.
Create thought leadership content and share your unique insights to establish your position as an expert in your field.
Use a tool, such as CallRail’s Lead Center, to centralize your inbound customer communications and learn how customers react to your content throughout the customer journey.

The Importance of Detailed Data for PPC Services in 2023

If you’re not tracking your traffic and engagement across platforms, you’re passing up a huge opportunity for growth.

Lead conversion tracking is critical for most agencies when it comes to optimizing their paid ad spend. After all, you want to make sure you’re spending wisely and getting the most out of your budget.

“Agencies should use features like CallRail’s Automatic Conversion Import to gain more detailed data insights, which allows agencies to report on calls that became an open opportunity for their clients — as opposed to bounces or low-quality leads.”

Discover how to use data to your advantage in 2023.

Analytics Tool

How to Prepare Your Agency for the Google Analytics Transition 4

Universal Analytics (UA) will cease operations next summer. As a result, marketers will become completely reliant on Google Analytics 4. (GA4).

Of course, there will be a learning curve before agency marketers can fully utilize the switch and understand how Google will process and present data.

CallRail recommends the following to prepare for the upcoming changes:

Run both UA and GA4 concurrently to allow data to flow into both systems while you get acclimated.
Set up the tracking pixel for GA4 right away so that you have several months of historical data by the time UA expires.
To learn more, download the Google Analytics 4 User Guide.

The Best Ways to Gain Customer Loyalty

Bryan Karas, CEO and co-founder of Playbook Media, stated:

“Providing a great user experience to foster loyalty will be critical to increasing customer lifetime value from the usual surge of Q4 revenue.”

Karas suggests the following strategies for converting your clients’ seasonal, one-time customers into loyal, repeat customers:

Discounts for loyalty.
Discounts for referrals
Excessive communication about fulfillment expectations.
According to CallRail, consumers appreciate promotions even more during times of economic uncertainty – and with the impending recession, now is the best time for your clients to show their customers how much they value them.

It’s also critical to keep track of your repeat customers so you can set new goals as your business grows.

Why Third-Party Cookies Are Becoming Extinct

With third-party tracking set to become obsolete in late 2024, businesses must learn how to advertise without cookies.

“Digital teams must begin thinking about collecting first-party data now,” Savage Brands’ Care Gerland said, “because data extrapolated from ad performance and market research will become even more valuable.” Teams will also consider how to collaborate with large publishers, who have a wealth of data on content consumption. Contextual ad targeting will also become more important.”

Gain an advantage over your competitors by utilizing tools that only collect first-party data, such as CallRail.

Beyond Client Acquisition: Using Data to Keep Your Customers
How do you know what works and what doesn’t for your clients as an agency?

How do you reduce the cost of customer acquisition while also improving your performance for your clients?

It is impossible to prove ROI and gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts without data.

“Our clients want to grow their businesses. You want to hold them accountable, and you must hold yourself accountable as well. That is what CallRail does for us: it provides us with the appropriate data. The business owner always has an opinion about their company, but we want to prove that opinion right or wrong – the data will tell us.”

  • Erin Wilder, EightyOne & Sunny’s Director of Strategy

You can keep track of important data and strengthen your campaign strategies by investing in marketing analytics tools.

In CallRail’s report, you can learn more about how data can help you and your clients achieve your objectives.


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