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Jira Tool vs Workzone Features, Demos & Cost

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The Jira software was created in 2002 and it provides top-notch solutions for agile project management as well as issue-tracking solutions. The Workzone software was pitched during the 2000s as a tool for project management and team collaboration.

The following is a detailed guide on the Jira tool vs Workzone to learn about their features and how they can be used on a regular basis for work management.

Jira Tool

The Jira software is used by teams across the world for issue tracking, project management, and team collaboration. This is how Jira is able to improve the ways that teams engage with the project management:

1.      Jira Roadmaps

Building project history and task context can be useful knowledge for the entire team. They only have to refer to roadmaps to check what progress has been made in order to continue their responsibilities accordingly. Similarly, you can compare all your initiatives to check their performance in the bigger picture.

The roadmaps give you an overview of task dependencies across teams and projects to ensure that you are ahead of the blockades. The advanced roadmap features further help you to determine the capacity of the team before a commitment is made or tasks are assigned.

2.      Reports and Insights

To be certain that your projects are going according to the plan, it is equally important to generate reports and insights that will help you deliver value. Not only will you have access to agile reports but also dashboards to access the information that has relevance to your project.

The Jira software generates insights into the backlog so when you plan sprints they are aligned with the ongoing processes. Even during the sprint, you can access insights to ensure that you are moving to match the goals. And finally, you can maximize the delivery pipeline through cycle time insights and deployment frequency.

3.      Visual Management Boards

Scrum and Kanban are the two visual management boards that users can access through the Jira software. The Scrum board is a great option when it comes to creating tasks out of projects that you are working on. The tasks can be divided among team members too.

The Kanban board is your access to all of the information that you require through workflows. You can further limit work-in-progress as Kanban allows you to streamline tasks according to their due dates.

Jira Demo

If you have any questions pertaining to the software and its compatibility with your business, it might be helpful to determine best practices as well. You can request a demo through the form available on the website. It usually takes less than two hours for the team to get back to you. During the Jira demo, you will also be able to access a live Q&A chat.

Jira Pricing

The Jira pricing has four plans to choose from. The first option is free and it can be used to learn about the functionality as well as compatibility of the platform with your business. Some of the features shared by all the plans include Scrum boards, Kanban boards, agile reporting, customizable workflows, and several others. The enterprise plan, however, accommodates higher security and compliance requirements. It is also able to generate better insights with special features like Atlassian analytics, Atlassian data lake, and data connectors.

Workzone Software

Project Management

If you are on the lookout for project management software then you may find Workzone to be a great option as well. The cross-project and specific project section dashboards allow you to see the status of a plan. You can check updates at a glance. You can also change your priorities as the nature of your work shifts. It is important that the software matches the requirements of your project.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you can split the task responsibilities between the team before starting to work on a project. It will help the team to stay organized while being aligned with the goals.

You can easily track important details such as assigning tasks or setting due dates. You can automate tasks as well and give your teams the time to focus on executive tasks.


If you are looking for a project manager that can also be helpful in software development as well. You can customize features to ensure that all the necessary features have been integrated for development.

Workzone Demo

The Workzone demo is a wonderful way to see the platform in action and discern its usability for your project management. The demo can be scheduled in under a minute by sharing details such as the number of users you wish to bring on board, etc.

Workzone Pricing

The Workzone pricing options available further shed light on the features along with the cost. There are three plans available. The team option costs $24 and provides the ability to manage unlimited tasks and projects. It can also be used to save time through project templates that let you get started within minutes. Whereas, visual boards like Gantt and Kanban give you proper control over your projects. At the same time, it can be used to determine task dependencies to avoid bottlenecks. Users, additionally, retain the power to mark images, generate advanced reports, create unlimited workspaces, track time, track resources, and share files.

The professional pricing option costs $34 and the storage space provided is 150GB. Another perk of this option is that you can create custom project intake forms to ensure that the relevant details are being shared with the people who are going to be responsible for the tasks. The enterprise pricing option costs $43 and it is equipped with all of the features that Workzone has to offer. For example, you can maintain public access forms, a dashboard with enhanced reporting, and custom fields.


The Jira tool vs Workzone comparison goes to show that they forth have focused features while supporting different functions. Each can be used for developmental purposes, managing tasks, and also for tracking issues.

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