What exactly is KMM?

KMM stands for Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile and is a brand new method to create mobile apps. It’s a blend of native and cross-platform methods used by Mobile app development company. With this approach we are able to write the common server logic across a variety of platforms. Server logic is not the backend development , but it is the “server layer”. It is an element of the app that transmits information between the application for the mobile and server.

In addition it is expected that the UI portion will be different for every platform in any android App Development Company in India. For instance, there would have one code available for iOS as well as a different one for Android. For more information on the code go to this official web site.

Benefits Mobile app development company

  • With KMM you can cut down on time to develop, since server logic must be created once for all platforms. This is why ios App Development Company in Bangalore as well as Android developers will not have to write the same code twice as often as they do in the present. It could increase the speed of development by 30%..
  • The same applies to money. A majority of developers charge per hour therefore, if you are able to reduce your time, thus you’ll save money.
  • In contrast to traditional cross-platform apps, KMM lets you create applications that look native to every platform. This is due to the UI component of the application (visual design) developers create separate parts visual and graphical parts, like iOS developer develops a visual component for the iPhone app, and in the same way, Android developer creates visual component for an Android application. In comparison to other cross-platform approaches, KMM won’t let you give up a quality UX.


  • In KMM they write server-side logic using Kotlin. Kotlin was originally developed as an Android program Mobile app development language in a flutter App Development Company in India. The issue is that not a large number of iOS developers are familiar with this language to make use of it in the development of apps. Therefore, it isn’t difficult to find the right team to tackle this kind of approach.
  • The uniqueness of the framework. KMM is still in its beta stage. This means that nobody can assure its stability. Therefore, if you take the decision to develop your mobile applications with KMM it is likely that you will require a maintenance staff to deal with any issues that could be discovered. The good thing is that Kotlin team has committed that they will release the alpha version in the coming year.


Although KMM was only released a few months ago but it has already garnered lots of fans in the top brands. It helps, for instance, Netflix increase speed and improve product reliability. Leroy Merlin uses KMM in their mobile application. Within the KMM users, you’ll include such big names as Philips, Cash App, VMWare, Quizlet, Autodesk and many more.

If you’re considering the possibility of cross-platform development to develop your app You should seriously think about KMM.

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