Custom keychain, be it plastic, metal or leather, nowadays who doesn’t use at least one?

Well, everyone uses it! Custom keychain as a gift has become a worldwide habit, more and more we see great actions aimed at dealerships and even a design dispute and creative models for their accessories.

The use of gifts has been increasingly common in companies. After all, it’s a fact: to be remembered, the company needs to be seen. And what’s the best way to be present in your consumer’s daily life if not through a useful gift in their routine?

The pen drive in the office, the custom keychain in the pocket… a daily contact with your audience that, according to the psychology of consumption, can help to increase the recurrence of purchases, loyalty and, of course, improve the relationship between your company and its customers.

Have you invested in giveaways? Do you understand the importance of this type of action and do you know what the best options are? In today’s article, we will give you some tips. Keep reading!

How Important are Gifts?

When we think about investing in any marketing action, it is common to wonder about the real importance and necessity of that investment. After all, it costs your team money, time and production effort. However, it is notable that this action results in some undeniable benefits.

In fact, giving gifts has been noted to be an important part of human interaction. In short, you can even say that the act of giving and receiving gifts can help people form a stronger emotional connection with the people they care about or want to get close to. So if you find yourself wanting to get close to someone or if you’re in a particularly giving mood.

Helps to Strengthen the Brand

One of the clearest and most striking benefits of custom gifts is branding. They help to strengthen the image of your brand with the public, increasing recall and helping to make your company a valid option at the time of purchase decision.

However, you have to be careful and realistic: it’s not enough just to deliver the gift. Strengthening the brand requires care and planning to transform the customer experience into something more valuable. When delivering the freebie, context helps to create more emotional value and a simple bond with your audience.

Boosts Customer Loyalty

As stated earlier, the right gift delivered in the right way and at the right time can help create a positive memory of the company in the minds of your audience, and this is how customer loyalty will be enhanced. The gifts are part of the company’s branding strategy. That’s why they need to be well prepared to generate positive triggers in the memory of those who received them and are enjoying them.

Customer loyalty is a very important step to keep your company sustainable and increasingly profitable. After all, it is cheaper to keep a satisfied and loyal customer than to invest in even more marketing strategies to win a new customer.

Generates Visibility

Increased visibility helps to indirectly improve your way of relating to your consumer. This visibility means being present in the memory of people who may become customers or increase the recurrence of purchases. A useful gift for your audience’s day-to-day lives ends up doing the job of an “organic” advertiser for your business: taking your brand name every day to various places, it ends up influencing other people.

Helps to Work on the Relationship with Employees

Moving away from the company-client relationship, the gifts also help to bring together and improve the relationship between company and employee. Having employee-focused giveaways will help increase bonding and, in many cases, team productivity and engagement. In this case, it is also necessary to consider which items will be useful for your team’s day to day, taking into account practicality and improvements in the work routine.

Why is Custom Keychain a Good Choice?

The custom keychain has been one of the most sought after options by customers in gift companies. Be it plastic, metal or leather, everyone uses a keychain, no matter how simple it is, right?

That’s why custom keychains end up being an interesting alternative: their use is right and the possibility of enjoying the benefits of this freebie, too! Custom gift companies can help you find the most interesting formats and options according to your audience.

What type of Custom Keychain is most Commonly used?

There are three types of custom keychain marketed: sports, executive and basic. As already mentioned, choosing the best locksmith will depend on how well you know your audience: does your company focus on entrepreneurs? Or is your segment sporty and laid-back? By understanding your target audience and talking to the company that specializes in gifts, it will be easy to find the most interesting custom keychain for them.

An interesting tip, depending on your niche, is to create custom keychains with phrases. For entrepreneurs and coachees, for example, catchphrases are often successful. Differentiated keychains with phrases that work as “positive reinforcement” can even become objects of desire, as customers and prospects are so interested in the topic that they want to collect key chains with the best phrases!

Custom Gifts at the Best Price

Vograce works with an optimized process that allows it to produce high quality products, keeping an affordable and extremely competitive price.

Start promoting your brand now, with promotional items and products that will spend long periods with your customers.

In short, you can give people who have touched your life in some way a gift to showcase that your appreciate them – their effort, guidance and presence in your life – regardless if it’s a special occasion or not.

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