People, especially freshers, often get confused about choosing M.Eng or M.Sc as a course for further study. After earning a bachelor’s degree, you are left with multiple options. It should depend on your interests and the field of study you want to focus on. M.Eng or Masters in Engineering is more of a professional course where you can learn about practical applications. On the other hand, M.Sc or Masters in Science helps you to develop your academic knowledge to go ahead with further experiments and thesis.

Basic Points Of Difference Between M.Eng And M.Sc

Other than just the name of the courses, MEng vs. MSc has a lot of other vital points related to the curriculum. You need to understand the basic concepts and realize the points of difference to ensure that you choose the right career. Have a look at some of the common points of distinction between these courses to decide better:

  • Eligibility: Both programs require you to be a science graduate, with minute differences in eligibility here and there. It depends on the university that you choose. For instance, many courses require you to have a GRE, while others don’t. Check the eligibility details before signing in for a course, as the US academic guidelines are quite strict.
  • Course structure: While M.Eng focuses more on practical knowledge and training, M.Sc courses need you to stress more on thesis and detailing. 
  • Duration: An M.Eng course will take less time than an M.Sc course, probably because the latter consists of more semesters. You also need to study theoretical science in detail in M.Sc, which is mainly why the course takes longer.
  • Utility areas: This is the most common area students get confused about- do I get an instant job after my M.Sc? It depends. With an M.Eng course, you can be sure of immediate recruitment (depending on the demand for professionals in that field and the uniqueness of the course you choose). On the other hand, M.Sc has a detailed course structure where you need to complete your thesis before landing a job. However, the stipend plays a crucial role here.

What To Prefer For A Job- M.Eng Or M.Sc?

The truth is both courses can take you to higher levels of study in the scientific field. You need to choose what works best for you. For instance, if you want to do a more practical study to get into a job very soon with a bright career ahead, you may choose M.Eng courses. However, if you want to continue your studies with theories and explanations, then M.Sc is a better option. Therefore, deciding between M.Eng vs. M.Sc depends on the way of life that you want to choose after a bachelor’s degree, which is going to directly affect your career, at least for the next few years.

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