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Need to know how to get free by UPDF? Here’s How

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1.  Why do you need to purchase subscriptions to use UPDF in the iPhone version?

 UPDF stands for Unique, Productive, Delightful, Free PDF Editor. UPDF on iPhone is a versatile application that stole the hearts of millions of people all around the world. Its termed an open-source and free application. It’s also an Adobe Reader alternative.

UPDF in iPhone version is a handy tool for file management, editing, organizing files, uploading, downloading, sharing, protecting documents, drawing, modifying PDF, and much more features surprising its users with its outstanding performance as well.


The most famous advanced features are cloud sharing, security space, annotations, passkey protection, and even multi-finger selection. You are lucky to get these amazing features right away from a single application. The user interface is user-friendly mingling with the intuitive features.

Effortlessly you can edit your documents right away.

Though UPDF in iPhone version is an empowering application, it consists of some In-App purchases after obtaining the software from the app store for free at cost, for the main three outstanding features. These features are listed below,

  • Scan PDF
  • Use of Security Space
  • Secure App with Passcode/ Face Identification/ Touch Identification

This is what iPhone users of UPDF tell us,” I’ve been using UPDF for a couple of weeks and it’s by far the best free PDF editor I’ve ever used. I can add comments to the PDF too. No skimping on features, which is amazing

for a 100% free product.” A hands-on experience of a skilled user speaks it all about the application.

So, the In-app purchase UPDF iPhone offers are with it for a splendid user experience. Let’s dive deep into these features one by one.

Firstly, let’s check out the Scan PDF feature offered by UPDF iPhone.

2.  Scan PDF

 UPDF in iPhone allows to scan PDFs and turn them into editable documents in one main way namely Converting scanned PDFs to Editable PDFs with OCR.

Since UPDF offers various features through the Scan PDF feature, it tends to charge a subscription after the offer of free 5 pages expires. So isn’t it worth it? Yes, it is.

Let’s dive deep into this feature and check out their functions.

•   Convert Scanned PDF to Editable PDF with OCR

 OCR( Optical Character Recognition ) is a powerful technology used to scan PDF

s to take hold of the best content. As it is difficult to edit the Scanned PDF, it is converted to another Editable format to facilitate the users.

The highlight of the OCR feature is not just one PDF, it supports converting a batch of PDFs all at once. It supports converting into Word, PowerPoint, Excel, CSV, RTF, Text, Image, XML, PDF/A, and HTML.

Through this feature, users can professionally achieve PDF conversion. This is an accurate, secured, and guaranteed service as well as a valuable service offered by UPDF in the iPhone version.

Following are the steps to convert Scanned PDF to Editable formats through OCR,

  • First, open the UPDF Converter option on your iPad/iPhone.
  • A pop-up window will appear displaying the option to “Add Files”. You can tap into the Add Files option and choose the Alternatively, you can drag and drop the files as well.
  • After the PDFs are uploaded into the UPDF, three vertical dots appear next to the scanned Tap onto it.
  • On the right-hand side enable the OCR setting option to use OCR to scan the
  • Now, you can choose Document language and it supports about twenty- three languages worldwide. Then, tap on “Apply All” if you prefer to apply OCR to all the scanned PDFs. Also, choose the number of pages to convert to editable
  • Finally, choose the preferred output format to convert the
  • Tap onto the “Go” button once you choose the right settings to get

Now you know all the necessary information to scan a PDF in UPDF- iPhone. Next, let’s check out the second main feature of using security spaces in UPDF on iPhone.

3.  Use of security spaces

 Security spaces are locations given by the UPDF for iPhone users’ applications to store documents with a passcode or Face ID. This feature improves confidentiality, private files, and unauthorized access.

The trial version of UPDF in the iPhone application provides only 10 items to store freely. To store more than 10 documents or unlimited documents, users need to enroll in a subscription.

If you choose a Passcode make sure to use a unique passcode, never use your names or dictionary words to avoid random guesses for whoever tries to steal your Passcode. While using Face Identification, make sure to use one’s own person’s identity to maintain security.

Whether it’s sending a password-protected document or opening a password- protected application, both require a reliable application- just like UPDF.

There are various instances where a password-protected application helps out. Such use cases are discussed below,

  • To share and open confidential files among employees- Let it be from sharing passwords, identity information, or privacy data digitally, a password-protected PDF is a must. Their UPDF comes in
  • Dealing with client information documentation- Imagine a client’s private data falling into incorrect hands, the whole procedure will be messy and the organization will have to face legal issues. To prevent such a situation, the UPDF password protection feature is

If you are wondering how to add files to security spaces, the following steps will take you throughout,

  • The UPDF logo appears in the top-left corner of the iPhone, tap on it to proceed
  • A pop-up window will be prompted, here tap on the “Security Space” option to authenticate the attempt to add files into the security
  • At the bottom-right corner appears a “+” button. Tap on
  • Multiple import options will be displayed. Choose one of them to import the files from the desired
  • There are three main import options namely ‘Import from Photos’, ‘Import from Files’, and ‘Import from Computer’. You can choose one of them based on the location of your file and proceed

It is highly important to use password protection applications to maintain secure and safe communication and data during transfer as well as storage. There you go! You have a UPDF PDF editor to save you from the risk and establish password protection.

That’s it! Now you know how to import files into security space and the features UPDF security space offers.

Finally, let’s check out in-depth about the way Passcode, Face ID, and Touch ID turn handy to use UPDF.

4.  Secure app using passcode/FaceID/TouchID

 UPDF in iPhone supports not just setting a password for PDF, but for the application itself. It means, that to open the UPDF application a passcode or a Face Identification or even a Touch Identification can be set.

Due to this setting, only the user who knows the passkey code can alone open the UPDF application to open the documents saved in it.

Setting a passkey for UPDF on iPhone is a simple task. Following represents the steps to undergo to set a Passkey for UPDF on iPhone,

  • The UPDF icon is placed in the top-left corner of the iPhone. Tap on it to get going with the next few
  • The “Security” option will be displayed. Tap on that
  • Switch the “Passkey Lock” option to enable the usage of the
  • Initially, enter a passkey code at the text box and apply the same on the confirmation box as well. If you wish to choose Face ID, enable face ID and run down through the next steps to confirm the identification

Make sure to use a unique code you will remember. As you will not be able to open the application if the user doesn’t enter the right code given while enabling identification.

UPDF in iPhone is a PDF editor rich in performance, industry-graded software. So never fear using UPDF for official purposes. You are all secured in the right hands!

Then after, let’s check in to another important section about the Subscription offered by UPDF on iPhone.

5.  How much is the cost of a Subscription in UPDF

 To enjoy the In-App features of UPDF on iPhone, users need to pay a subscription.

UPDF offers subscriptions under four categories based on four different time schedules. Following are the four timely-based subscriptions for In-App purchases of UPDF on iPhone,

  • Quarterly Subscription is presented for $4.99.
  • Annual Subscription is presented for $9.99.
  • Perpetual Subscription is presented for $14.99.
  • Monthly Subscription is presented for $2.99.

After all, UPDF thrives to give a quality and reliable service to its users. Those are reasonable and affordable charges placed by UPDF for iPhone users to enjoy the astonishing features behind the scene.

That’s all the details wrapped about UPDF for iPhone users! That’s it! These were some tips and tricks on how to use the UPDF. We hope that you found this blog post helpful.

6.  Conclusion 

As we all know, UPDF is indeed an amazing application for iPhone users. To enjoy the main three fabulous features, a few bugs need to be paid for. It’s worth paying for these amazing features. In conclusion, we discussed the features in UPDF iPhone to Scan the PDF for editable formats which supports numerous languages, use of Security Space to secure the documents in cloud sharing as well as Secure App with Passcode/ Face Identification/ Touch Identification to take hold of unauthorized access into the application.

That concludes our look at the UPDF in the iPhone version. Make sure to go over each menu in-depth to discover all of UPDF’s features and how to utilize them. Hurry up and download UPDF to enjoy the mesmerizing features!

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Hi! I am John natish. I am a content writer and SEO expert. I love to write and share my content with my audience.


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