The organization is crucial whether you’re helping a business relocate its entire operation or just making a simple internal change. There are many moving parts, various departments, and delicate technical equipment to consider when moving your office. You must therefore exercise extra caution, and we are providing you with some crucial advice on how to manage everything. 

Start decommissioning your office 

Cleaning your old office is simply the beginning of decommissioning. Decommissioning is more akin to putting it back to how it was before you moved in. It involves taking down fixtures, furniture, signs, and trademarks, as well as cables and electrical systems. 

Additionally, it entails making repairs to any property damage, even minor tasks like changing light bulbs that have burned out. The specifics should be outlined in your lease, and you must abide by the terms of the lease to avoid legal issues or losing your security deposit. Make a decommissioning plan as soon as possible, and talk with your moving team about how to assign relevant tasks. 

Make some rearrangements before moving 

Offices ought to think about performing the following before a move: 

l  Eliminate any areas that contain undesired, outmoded, or antiquated technology.

l  Get rid of filing cabinets and stop using paper.

l  Get rid of unused furniture.

l  archive outdated files

l Clean your office 

All this will help you get rid of the trash and make the moving process smoother. 

Think ahead of your moving budget 

Even if you wind up having to change it, knowing how much you’ll have to spend upfront will be quite beneficial when you speak with the moving firms. Consider where you can cut back to save money after deciding what things are non-negotiable. Think about the purchasing procedure as well. Who will purchase everything needed for the move, and how will the vendors be paid? 

Do research on reliable moving companies 

Here are some recommendations on how to investigate and contrast local moving companies if you’re moving locally (a move is considered local if you’re moving within 50 miles).

l  Get recommendations

l  Read reviews

l  Check the BBB for a history of complaints, and checking professional accreditation are all important steps in picking a moving business, whether you’re relocating locally or across the country.

l  You should also be on the lookout for any potential red flags.

l  Verify the mover’s insurance and license status.

Think of handling all of the electronic devices 

Because there is so much equipment that needs to be handled, moving entire workplaces can be challenging. Every action on the list should be taken: 

l  Reconnect/disconnect your computer

l  install a monitor arm

l  Wire management on a sit-stand desk should be handled

l  Equipment movement in the server room and datacenter

l  Setup of the printer station, IP phones, and computer accessories

l  e-waste disposal and many other things

Now, if you can do all this by yourself, that’s great news. However, if this is too tricky for you, maybe you should hire a professional office removal team to give you a hand. 

Think about the storage 

Some of the objects you are moving from one office to another might need to be stored first. Professional removalists offer this service included in the overall price, which is a great option and doesn’t require an additional hassle. 

During your transfer, there can be office inventory that needs long- or short-term storage. Good storage facilities that are well-equipped to keep these assets secure are a must for everything from unwanted furniture to additional equipment. 

Additionally, look into green disposal options if the company is ready to go paperless or needs to get rid of years’ worth of old paperwork. 

Post-move office arrangements 

Your company must resume regular operations once everything has been successfully shifted to the new office space. 

Installation of the furnishings and preparation of all areas for the following day’s work are required. This involves setting up conference rooms, cubicles, cupboards, storage, and other modular furniture. Other things such as buying new office furniture or office decoration can be done later. 

The data experts you engaged will efficiently install PCs and other IT-related hardware while carrying out quality assurance. The quickest way to ensure orderly cable management and uninterrupted connectivity is to do it this way before personnel arrives at their workstations. 

Even if moving to a new workplace requires a lot of work, you probably have a good reason for doing it. Create your moving team very early in the process, and plan as much as you can to prevent tasks from falling through the cracks. The stress of not knowing who is in charge of all the moving parts will be reduced and the process will continue as planned. Also, keep in mind that any moving business you hire for your office move should be licensed and insured.

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