The community of Des Moines is paying tribute to the young softball player-who died unexpectedly of an undetermined cause. In addition to her sport, Gabbie loved to be involved with her community. She was a member of the Muslim Student Association and spent Sundays at Faith Christian Church. A 93 percent student-to-faculty attendance rate was another indication of her active lifestyle.

Gabbie Jonas’ family

The Jonas family is going through a very difficult time. The talented young woman, who was active in social work, was an active softball player at Drake University. She was also accepted for a fellowship at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Her death is a big loss for her family and friends.

Gabbie Jonas’ parents welcome her to the world on June 6, 1997. She went to Marian High School and St. James/Seton School, and later attended Drake University and St. Louis University. She planned to earn her MHA degree from SLU in May 2022 and work at a Children’s Hospital. Her mother, Kare, said she had a passion for softball, and that her two brothers were also sports enthusiasts. She was a great teammate for Sarah Maddox, and the two shared a close friendship.

Her family shared the heartbreaking news of her death on social media. While the cause of her death is still unknown, her friends and Drake teammates paid tribute to their former teammate. Jonas, who was an outstanding softball player, will be forever remembered in the Drake University softball hall of fame.


Gabbie Jonas died at the young age of 24. She was born on June 6, 1997. She graduated from Marian High School and attended St. James/Seton School. She also attended Drake University and Saint Louis University, where she was planning to get an MHA in May 2022 and work at a children’s hospital. Despite her young age, Gabbie had a promising future ahead of her.

The cause of death is still not known, but friends and teammates are paying tribute to the talented softball player. Gabbie Jonas was indexed into the Drake Hall of Fame and received a number of honors.

Drake University

It’s a difficult time for the family of young Gabbie Jonas, who was a member of the Drake University softball team. The 24-year-old was a talented athlete who was loved by many. She played baseball and softball and was active in the social work community. She was a close friend of fellow teammate Sarah Maddox, who played with Gabbie for three years.

Gabbie Jonas, a student at Drake University, has died of an illness. The death was due to a ruptured spleen. The university did not reveal the cause of Jonas’ death, and funeral details are being kept private. Her death was a shock to the university community, but the university is doing its part to honor her life and her accomplishments.

Unknown cause of death

There are many theories circulating about the cause of death of young softball player Gabby Jonas, but the truth is, no one knows for sure. Some think it was an accident, while others believe it was a softball injury. Whatever the case, her death leaves a void in the world.

Jonas was born on June 6, 1997. She was a student at Drake University, and she was preparing to get her MHA degree. She had also been accepted into a fellowship at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She was also a very popular athlete, and her parents are now coping with her loss.

Gabbie Jonas was a talented softball player, and she played for the Drake softball team. She also competed against schools outside the state. She had a fun, outgoing personality, and loved hitting the ball. The family of the late softball player is currently planning a memorial service for their daughter.

Induction into Drake Hall of Fame

Inducting Gabbie Jonas into the Drake Hall of Fame is an honor and a tribute to the young softball player who died unexpectedly on March 5, 2022. The cause of her death is unknown, but her death was a shock for her family and friends. She was 24 years old. The family and the team have offered their condolences and respects to her family and friends.

Gabbie Jonas attended Marian High School and St. James/Seton School before attending Drake University. Her studies at Drake focused on the well-being sciences, and she chose the school over other schools for its excellent campus and its friendly, supportive individuals. She later declared that she wanted to pursue a career in medicine after graduating from Drake. Her teammates will remember her colorful headbands, sense of humor, and friendship. Read more at 12disruptors.

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