The number of Missouri Truck Accident is alarming. These accidents cause devastating effects to both drivers and pedestrians, and learning how to reduce them goes a long way. The common causes of accidents are over speeding and drunk driving, and many tech devices have since come up to help minimize such accidents.

When do track accidents happen in Missouri? 

Most Missouri Truck Accident happen on weekdays when most trucks transport goods. For the past ten years, the highest number of truck crashes and fatal truck accidents have occurred on Tuesdays.

Over 23,000 truck accidents have been recorded on Tuesdays in Missouri from 2011 to 2020. That is higher than any other day statistics, making to be known as Fatal Tuesdays. Also, one of every five deadly truck accidents occurred on Tuesday in 2020. In those 10 years, 195 fatal truck crashes occurred on Tuesday, the highest total of any day of the week. 

 Fridays are also dangerous! On Fridays, truck accidents can be attributed to driver fatigue and drivers rushing to get home. Review and statistics from 2011-2020 showed Friday has the second highest number of crashes and fatal truck accidents.

Other days’ fatal accidents data is Sunday 82, Monday 167, Wednesday 154, Thursday 177, Friday 183, and Saturday 113. It’s clear from the data most truck accidents in Missouri occur on weekdays, with Sunday recording the lowest number of truck accidents. 

Where are they happening?

In 2020, according to Missouri state highway patrol, a quarter of Missouri Truck Accident occurred on interstates and intestate loops. Also, a significant percentage of truck accidents occurred on U.S highways and Missouri state highways. High-speed limits on interstates and highways are the main reason for the highest casualties. Counties like new Madrid, mercer, and Scotland have the highest rate of fatal truck accidents.

Why do truck accidents happen?

According to statistics, the following are the leading causes of truck accidents.

  • Driver errors. Such as overspeeding, tailgating, inattentiveness, etc. Also, drivers’ lack of training and experience is a leading cause of accidents.
  • Equipment failure. Faulty vehicles cause unsafe situations and accidents. Also, poor truck maintenance is another cause.
  • Fatigue. Some truck drivers drive the trucks without resting. As a result, they move when fatigued, causing fatal accidents.
  • Violation of federal hours of service regulation

Measures to mitigate truck accidents in Missouri

 To drive a truck or a trailer, you must be 21 years old and above. Also, a driver must obtain a valid license and meet all medical requirements.

Additionally, it’s advisable to report reckless drivers in Missouri. The Missouri highway patrol is available 24/7, and you can reach them through 911 to report such cases. All you’ll need is the truck license plate and location or the name of the trucking firm for a commercial truck.


The above statistics will help you know where, when, and why Missouri Truck Accident occurs. Being aware and understanding the statistics should caution you of the danger and your responsibility in reducing truck accidents. Therefore, ensure you drive safely, watch out for truck blind spots and follow Missouri laws.

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