CV writing is a critical phase of the job market.  The professional with decades of experience must be meticulous in this respect. The same requirement applies to the university student who is on his or her first venture into the job market. The only difference between the two phases is the organisation of information. However, the guidelines of recruiters are practically the same in all contexts. See below for some universal tips when writing a CV. You should therefore read it to get a better idea of how to write your CV to get a good job.

The writer must be succinct

The perfect CV is only one sheet of paper. Writing your CV on several pieces of paper can be considered as an eliminatory act by the recruiter. It doesn’t matter if you have one or thirty years of experience, you must tell your story as concisely as possible. The CV works like an advertisement. If it is not short and to the point, it will not catch the reader’s attention. You can use an online template as a personal resume example. This type of template can be used as a guide for the information to be included in the CV to make it as succinct as possible.

Give a summary of your qualifications

Even if you have little experience, it is recommended to list three or four points that summarize your main skills. Including this section in the CV gives the recruiter an idea of whether you can fit in with the company hiring you. If the candidate lists the main activities they are capable of doing, it is easier to see the benefits of choosing them for the job. For those who have no experience or awards, nothing should be mentioned. Ideally, you should be as transparent as possible. The aim is to find a job honestly, not to fill your CV with false information.

Make your objective clear

Another important concern is to state the area in which you intend to work. The target position can be left out, it is already possible to negotiate it in the later stages of the selection. It is necessary to focus on one business segment only. That is, it is not necessary to say that you intend to work in the financial, accounting and administrative sectors. On the other hand, young professionals and those who do not have a defined speciality are allowed to set out with a slightly more general objective.

The candidate must be sober

With the exception of professionals in creative sectors such as advertising or design, the general rule for CVs is visual minimalism. To avoid mistakes, it is best to use white paper, simple formatting, few colours and classic fonts. According to job market professionals, the same applies to language. Whatever your age, the tone of all your texts should be as formal as possible. This is an important step, allowing the recruiter to notice your sense of responsibility.

Highlighting results

Showing how you have contributed to the companies you have worked for makes a recruiter’s eyes light up. All this, of course, if there are really important and quantifiable results to show. Despite their short experience, young people can also include this in their CV. If you are a student, you can mention a prize you won at university or the fruits of your work in the junior company, for example. Note that these are just a few tips that can help you in the recruitment process. By following these recommendations, you can find the best way to stand out in the selection process.

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