A Social Media Audit Template is a procedure used to evaluate the efficacy of a company’s social media strategy across all of its channels and platforms. Firms must conduct audits since customer feedback reveals areas for growth. A brand’s strengths and weaknesses in social media are exposed via an audit, along with recommendations on enhancing the brand’s performance.

The Elements of a Successful Social Media Audit Template

Accurate results and a streamlined procedure are the outcomes of a social media audit Template that includes all the relevant information. Items to check off on an audit template include;

List of Social Media Platforms

One of the first things you’ll need to do when doing a social media audit is to compile a list of the various channels your company uses. There are many places where brands have previously existed, and it’s essential to include them all, even if they’re no longer active. The benefits of an inactive network may be uncovered during an audit, allowing for strategic optimization of earnings. Knowing all the networks that utilize your brand’s name is vital so that you can spot impostor accounts and report them for legal action.


Make sure that each social media platform on your list is appropriate for your company’s image. Write out your desired outcome for each social media site; this will aid in setting realistic goals and providing helpful information to the social analytics business. Brand recognition, sales leads, site traffic, and customer participation are all possible outcomes. Determine what works to create the finest marketing plan to help boost business growth.

Identify Patterns Across all Social Media Networks

Auditing a social media presence is only complete with verifying that the campaign, branding, and ads are consistent across all platforms. When engaging with followers on social media, it’s essential to double-verify the bio, URL, landing page, banners, hashtags, and copy to ensure consistency. Include the findings from an analysis of your target audience’s likes, retweets, tweets, comments, and shares in your audit template. To have a solid social presence, analyze which posts perform best with your network and audience.

Evaluate Performance

Look into networks’ performances to know how much a particular channel contributes to your brand’s success. The audit template should contain a section for checking and noting which channels are successful and why. While some channels are designed for generating leads and sales, others are made for communicating with and supporting existing customers. Depending on the analytics gathered, a strategy may be developed to increase the network’s effectiveness in meeting the customers’ demands.

Take Action and Update Social Media Marketing

After completing your audit, you will have a better idea of what aspects of your brand have a good effect on your target audience and which ones are not. Your company and its consumers may benefit from an updated and improved social media marketing plan, which can be developed using the data you collect. By doing a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis, as part of the audit template, you may find the methods and resources you need to improve your company’s performance.

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