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Sony WF-SP800N Complete Review

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Features: Sony WF-SP800N smallest wireless earbuds are released on 5th July 2020. Their price is USD 198. They contain N/A dimensions. The weight of the earbuds is 9 grams and the weight of its case is 57 grams. The model number of these earbuds is WFSP800N/L. These smallest wireless earbuds are IP55 and have waterproof features. 


These tiny Bluetooth earbuds contain Google Assistant integration and Sony 360 Reality Audio Amazon Alexa. They have an IP55 rating. These best smallest earbuds have prolonged battery timing. Its good sound quality attracts people. These earbuds are available by the EQ options of the USB-C charging system. 



  • Sony WF-SP800N earbuds have Touch-sensitive controls features that hit and miss the Bluetooth connections. 
  • They have extreme isolation and also poor noise cancellation. 
  • Their price is higher than other true wireless earbuds. 
  • These mini wireless earbuds contain only the AAC/SBC features. Their overall sound quality is not as pleasing as 1000XM3s. 
  • You can’t get the multipoint Bluetooth pairing.
  • They have no wireless charging.
  • They have enough battery timing for one recharge. 



  • Sony WF-SP800N’s best earbuds are secure and comfortably fit into your ears. 
  • They have adequate noise cancellation. 
  • These tiniest earbuds contain the Base that has plenty of oomph for workout playlists. 
  • These tiniest earbuds have touch-sensitive pads by which you can control the playback and hold up the toggle between ambient mode and Active Noise Canceling (ANC). 

Charging system :

These WF-SP800N earbuds give you the good. The best quality of these earbuds keeps you comfortable. These buds are not small and portable. These Bluetooth wireless earbuds remind the WF-1000XM3 case to contain a wider and tall shape. 

These buds also require a dedicated pocket. This case is made up of lightweight plastic. Its lid flips out open and snaps are closed securely. During the charging, these earbuds remain safe and secure in the case. You just need to keep the buds back into the case correctly. 


Easy to Hold and Carry:

The buds contained the rubber wingtips that moved too easily. It prevents the earbuds from any type of damage. It is very easy and good to carry these earbuds while going outside. These smallest Bluetooth earbuds remain safe. It is also easy to hear what’s going on around. You don’t need to pause the music and podcasts for this. 


ANC and Transparency mode:

These buds have two favourite features, one is active noise cancelling, and the other is transparency mode. If you want mid-conversion. Then you just need to hold your finger over the earbuds, when you need to answer a quick question. The headset will minimize the volume of media. This headset uses embedded mics that make you able to heat when someone is speaking. These all functions make these earbuds the best and unique.


Pairing and connection :

The Sony WF-SP800N is not as quickly paired as AirPods or Pixel Buds. These earbuds lack the NFC system. When you have to pair these buds with your mobile phone or other android devices, you need to do it in an old-fashioned way is Bluetooth settings.  When you have to pair these earbuds with a second device then it will be a little tricky. For this, you need to force the earbuds into pairing mode. You have to hold your finger on the touch-capacitive sensors on both sides for about 7 seconds at that point where buds start to blink blue for pairing with another device. 

This system does not support the Bluetooth multipoint. Here you need to manually switch between expect the connections two simultaneously. Wireless earbuds allow you to eliminate all the wires in your life and use just one device. Using the handsfree feature, you will be able to answer or end calls without having to hold your phone to your ear. Using these earbuds will be simple. The wires of your headphones or earbuds will never knot up, so you won’t have to unwind them. You can also use wireless earbuds to listen to music through your phones when you’re working out. They’re a convenient way to listen to music on the go.

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