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Syed Asif Ali – A True Inspiration for Pakistani Youth

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As the famous saying goes, “Work hard in silence, let success makes the noise”. Syed Asif Ali, hailing from South Waziristan Pakistan is a true example that lives up perfectly to this quote. It is an evident truth that those who work hard with dedication and are committed to their goals, always find their way. In recent years, the youth of Pakistan has emerged as the shining stars in the field of Information Technology. Ranging from the fields of web development to content writing and video editing to digital marketing, you will find these folks.

Who is Syed Asif Ali?

Syed Asif Ali hails from a remote village in South Waziristan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan. Being born in an underprivileged family, it was always difficult for Asif as well as his siblings to fulfill their education. Moreover, the era in which Asif was born and then up brought was a very hard time for people of that area. There was a complete war going on against the terrorists and Asif and his family had to survive between those roaring bullets and smoking bombs.

Whenever asked, Asif always quotes that it was the worst, most frightening, and very difficult time for him as well as his family and relatives. Not only they lose their loved ones, but also their whole houses, businesses, and everything were torn to pieces.

But it is always people like Syed Asif Ali that looks challenges and hardships like these in the eyes and tell them that you can’t defeat even an inch of mine. He started his journey with commitment, dedication, untiring efforts and sleepless nights to get from a poverty and war stricken person to CEO of an emerging digital agency.

Life Journey of Asif Ali

Though the life journey of Asif Ali is a very difficult and tough one, however, it is more of an interesting one as well. His life journey carries a clear message for everyone that whoever you are, whatever you are doing and wherever you are; it is your strong will and unstopping efforts that will make you an epitome of success in life.


  • Oppo Mobile

As mentioned before, Asif Ali had a very tough childhood. However, during his studies he decided to earn bread for his family. He had some amazing built-in marketing and sales skills. Initially, he started working for some local vendors, going from shop to shop, market to market he worked as a sales man.

Once he got some experience, he applied for the position of a general sales person. Again, with dedication and commitment, using his remarkable marketing skills, he started his duties. He worked honestly and in a very short time his office started to see the real gains and profits. In two years, where he began as a general salesperson, his continuous drive led him to become a manager in the same venture.

As soon as he rose to the position of manager, he introduced the concept of Fixed Price policy first time in the Kohat Mobile market. This decision was hailed as one of the most promising one and brought some amazing revenue to his office and company.


  • Red Crescent Society & IDPs

Not only Syed Asif had some great skills since childhood, but he is equally a kind, generous and sympathetic one as well. During his stay in hometown, he was very compassionate and helping one. Later, when the war started, he joined the Red Crescent Society in South Waziristan to help all his people in every possible manner.

During those times, people lost their homes and they were displaced from their hometown and settled in different areas around the province. With his tireless efforts, Asif Ali worked day and night at Red Crescent to provide complete relief to his fellow men.

  • Point Media

Since childhood, Syed Asif Ali had a dream of launching his own venture. Being a marketing specialist, he wanted to do something for his country. That is where he has launched Point Media, which is an inspiration for everyone around the world.


Point Media – Emerging Digital Agency

Successful people are those that work day and night to achieve their lifelong goals. As a poverty-stricken and war-torn child, Syed Asif Ali always dreamt of owning his own company one day. Going from one small job to another and then raising to the higher positions, Asif Ali decided to launch his own venture, Point Media. For this, he worked consistently for two years, learning from online courses and other mentors.

Point Media - Emerging Digital Agency

Point Media is an emerging digital agency platform that covers every aspect of digital and socialmedia. From web editing to social media accounts management and YouTube Channel monetization, every aspect of a digital platform is cover by Point Media. As per Asif Ali, till now Point Media has worked with several different celebrities as well as politicians. One of the main aim of Point Media is to educate the youth in fields of digital marketing and web designing, etc. Therefore, it will also create hundreds of employment opportunities for people around the country.

Motivation for Youth

In his message for youth, Asif Ali said “Our children of today are a great asset and treasure as well as a hope for the great future”. He always urges his youngsters to work hard for this country and their families. In his digital agency, Point Media, he also educates his people to do their best to bring a good name to their nation.

One can easily follow in to the footsteps of Asif to get to some higher positions in life. You may have to work for years just like him, but if you truly dedicate yourself, you can one day achieve whatever you dream of in life.

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