Are you Investing significant time and precious resources for content marketing, but your ROI is still under the water? Don’t worry! You’re not alone.

Creating quality content is surely the core element of content marketing. However, with advancements in the digital marketing realm, Content marketing has expanded beyond content creation.  

Currently, 97% of marketers focus on content marketing as a vital component of their branding outreach campaign. Therefore, it can become challenging for you to stand out with such tough competition and get the desired results. 

Thankfully, with advanced tools for content marketing California, it’s now easy to scale your content marketing strategies and get an edge in the industry. 

Why Should You Use Content Marketing Tools?

Various content marketing tools are available to fulfill different marketing requirements. For starters, these marketing tools enable you or your hired professional Google ads management service to create better content in several ways. 

These tools support your content marketing endeavor by:

  • Allowing you to leverage data to make informed marketing decisions
  • Collaborate with writing assistance to create compelling marketing copies
  • Develop SEO-friendly content that allows you to rank higher on search engines and meet the search intent of your target audience. 

But with numerous options available, which one should you choose? We are here to help! This article will talk about the six best content marketing tools for improving your business marketing ventures. 

Hire an experienced SEO services company San Diego to unlock the complete benefits of these tools. 

6 Tools For Effective Content Marketing 


No matter what your content marketing concern is, HubSpot will always have a solution. Being one of the most eminent tools for content marketing, HubSpot provides several useful features, including prospect tracking, email marketing solutions, content scheduling, social media management functionalities, and much more. 

Hubspot also shows website analytics and reports to help you understand the outcomes of your branding effort. It gives you insights into improving your branding and make your online visitors happy. 

The professional services for content marketing California use HubSpot tools to deliver exceptional results to clients. 

Pricing: Hubspot offers a free plan option with limited functionalities for testing the water. Once you are comfortable using the features, you can opt for the premium plans starting at $45 per month.

Google Docs 

The first thing you require for content marketing is a tool that allows you to write, edit and collaborate in real-time and easily. Google Docs is one such writing tool.

You can create content using Google docs and share the document with your team or clients. Collaborate with them in real-time by giving editing access. 

A Professional SEO and Google Ads management service uses the suggestion and comments feature to unlock an enhanced collaborative experience. 

You can also use assisted features such as voice typing, Smart Compose and even add extensions to make your writing faster, reduce errors and bring more creativity. 

Pricing: Google Docs is completely free of cost. All you need is a Google account. 


Jasper, previously known as Jarvis, is an AI content writing tool that helps you to develop creative blogs, website copies, and social media content. 

You can use this tool to create fresh, original, and innovative content for your content marketing campaigns. 

Besides full-fledged content creation, many SEO services company San Diego use this tool for blog content ideas and polishing human-created content. 

Pricing: Jasper offers two subscription plans to suit every marketer’s requirement. The starter account is priced at $29 per month, having limited access. The boss mode plan starts from $99/month.


WordPress represents one of the most incredibly popular Content Management Systems (CMS) used globally. According to a report published by Search Engine Journal, almost 39.5% of websites active on the internet are powered by WordPress. 

WordPress is great for creating portfolio websites, blogging, and publishing editorial content. The platform offers several customizable templates and plug-ins to quickly help you build a highly functional business website. 

Pricing: WordPress offers both free and paid plans. The paid plan starts at $4 per month. 


SEO is important for making your marketing creatives visible to the audience. Semrush does that for you! It is a keyword and topic research tool that shows and allows you to compare your and competitors’ keywords and back links. 

With such comprehensive keyword analysis, a professional SEO service company San Diego can give you ideas on how to improve your website traffic. 

Not just that, it also allows you to see keywords according to your preferred location. The “Magic Keyword” feature also gives a report about a particular domain or a keyboard. 

Pricing: You can start using the tool with a free trial option. Later, you can unlock more insightful features with the paid plans starting at $119 per month.


Trello is an easy-to-use project management tool for tracking content and planning publication calendars. 

Trello enables you to put your content marketing projects in a centralized location. You even get the flexibility to customize the project management board according to your evolving content management requirements. 

Once you start the content production process, you will need a tool to manage the process. And Trello gets the job done beautifully. Trello is particularly useful if you work with a team of freelance writers or in-house staff writers. 


Content marketing tools don’t just make your marketing efforts more efficient but also enhance the functionality and performance of the marketing team. Share your favourite content marketing tool in the comment section. 



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