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The Health Benefits of Yoga and reasons to practice it

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Yoga has been shown to have many health benefits, so it is becoming more and more popular in the western part of the world. It is suitable for exercise, but your mental health and emotional life benefit from practising yoga regularly.

The word Yoga comes from the word “Yuji,” which in the Sanskrit language means union. This means that one unites body and mind through the practice of Yoga. Body control, breathing exercises. And meditations are put together to reduce stress and achieve total relaxation of both body and head, providing many health benefits.

According to science, Yoga can prevent diseases and reduce high blood pressure. These are a few health benefits you can experience with regular Yoga. Here is a list of health benefits you can expect to share if you make Yoga a part of your everyday life.

Improves your overall quality of life

For many, Yoga works as a form of therapy alongside other treatments to improve people’s quality of life.

In one study, 135 retirees were divided into groups and assigned either six months of Yoga, walking, or a control group. It turned out that Yoga improved the quality of life of those who practised this for six months. Mood and fatigue were much better compared to the other groups.

Several other studies have looked at how Yoga can improve lives and reduce the symptoms of cancer treatment.

Yoga Positive Effect

One study followed a group of women undergoing chemotherapy. Practising yoga reduces the symptoms one experiences when undergoing such treatment, such as nausea and vomiting, while at the same time improving the quality of life in general.

A similar study looked at how eight weeks of yoga affected women with breast cancer. At the end of the study, the women had less pain and, at the same time, felt more apparent. They also felt improvements in terms of levels of relaxation and acceptance.

Other studies have shown that yoga does not only help you improve sleep. But also enhance mental health and social skills, and reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression in patients with cancer.



Treatments for certain types of conditions or diseases can often lead to other chronic side effects, but this can also come from, for example, an accident or different kinds of diseases. Chronic pain can quickly lower people’s quality of life, and as we have seen, one often experiences depression and anxiety due to such pain.

As proven above by many studies, yoga can then be a help towards a better everyday life. The increasing flow of oxygen to the brain and muscle tissue due to the breathing exercises and movements used in yoga performance helps to improve energy levels and the feeling of well-being, making it easier to deal with physical pain.

At the same time, it can help to release tension in the muscles, which often reduces the pain, and in some cases, relieves the pain completely. The various aspects of yoga and the effects make you feel much better and achieve a higher level of well-being overall.

Yoga can reduce stress and anxiety.

It is not only in cancer patients that yoga can make a difference when it comes to anxiety. Anxiety and stress have become normal conditions for many in today’s society. More and more people are experiencing increased pressure regarding careers. Everyday activities both for themselves and any children, and being a “superhuman” in all possible ways. This leaves little time to take care of oneself and nurture one’s soul and body. Increasing the risk of experiencing dangerously high-stress levels.

Those who often experience stress and anxiety are at risk for developing clinical depression. High blood pressure, chronic disorders of various kinds, insomnia, and other health problems. When the body is often stressed. It may never be able to return to normal function because this becomes the new normal.

This can lead to the body being in high gear all the time and in a constant “awake” state. Which can drain both body and mind of energy.


Ongoing research shows how yoga can have the same stress-reducing effect on the body as other training and relaxation methods. Considering that practice is just a mixture of both of these things.

The most significant factor in yoga that can reduce stress is focusing on breathing and breathing techniques. When focusing on the breath, there will be no room for negative thoughts such as irrational fear. Worry, or other obsessions often arise and are often the reason for the high-stress levels and anxiety.

At the same time, exercise focuses on mindfulness and gratitude, which are good helpers on the road to getting rid of anxiety.

When you practice exercise, you set aside time to nurture yourself in more than one way. Therefore, It can be an excellent way to get back on track and teach us to return to the basics of well-being.

If you set aside 20-30 minutes for yoga every day with Soul Strong Yoga online training sessions, this can lead to other beneficial activities. It can be the beginning of a calmer and more focused life.

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