The nine planets, Navgraha in Vedic Astrology, are responsible for all of the bhavas, signs, and nakshatras. These 12 bhavas/houses cover all that occurs in a person’s life, from conception to death. Most ailments are associated with the sixth house, making it the foundation of medical astrology.

Diseases are also said to manifest in the 8th and 12th houses. Still, in reality, each house represents a different body composition. Any severe illness can disrupt the functioning of multiple organs, given the inherent difficulty of using astrology to diagnose disease. The dominant effect of planets in these houses can give an overall impression, but as we said, everything revolves around the significance and portrayal of planets.

Planetary Effects on Various Illnesses

Those who believe in Astrologers consider that each planet represents a different body part or set of parts. Any area of the body ruled by the world in question will have health problems during the Dasha and any unfavorable transit of that planet. A list follows:


The bone karaka is the Sun. Controls the digestive system, the cardiovascular system, the skin, the brain, and the skeletal system. During the Sun’s dasha, problems in the areas of the body that it rules will manifest. Sun weakness causes issues in the areas of the body it governs. During Sun’s dasha and antardasha, the native may also experience a recurrence of a previous illness.


The Moon represents the brain and heart. It controls the cardiovascular system, the lungs, the left eye, the female reproductive organs, and the brain. It controls the flow of blood, body fluids, and the intestine, kidney, and lymphatic system. Restlessness, a lack of insight, asthma, and blood-related problems can all result from a Moon in discord. A weak Moon has also been linked to diabetes, menstrual disorders, and lung issues.


Red platelets, anal, blood, bone marrow, energy, neck, veins, genitalia, and female reproductive organs. Mars rules over these corresponding anatomical locations. Incursions on Mars cause difficulties that can be traced to the karaka elements. In addition, weak Mars is responsible for mental diseases, injuries, eye pain, blood clotting, female genital troubles, brittle bones, tumors, piles, knee problems, and many others.


Karaka for Mercury includes the breasts, intestines, bladder, nerves, skin, navel, tongue, arms, nose, lungs, face, and hair. Troubles traceable to Mercury’s karaka aspects arise when it is weak. Conditions like muscle pain are also side effects. Typhoid, insanity, paralysis, seizures, ulcers, cholera, and other similar disorders are all possible when Mercury is afflicted in a native’s horoscope.


You may thank Jupiter for your well-functioning thighs, belly fat, brain, tongue, memory, spleen, kidneys, lungs, and ears. If Jupiter is misplaced in the birth chart, the karakas associated with it will have problems with their health. An impotent Jupiter can also cause ear infections, diabetes, tongue disorders, cognitive decline, and pancreatitis.


Venus rules the skin, eyes, genitalia, urine, sperm, and throat. During Venus’s dasha and antardasha, the native will be subject to similar health problems. Aside from ocular and genital disorders, Venus is responsible for throat and genital infections, impotence, and gonorrhea. Venus’s delicate nature makes blood loss a further concern.


Various bodily structures—including legs, joints, bones, knees, meat, muscles, organs, teeth, skin, and hair—have Saturn as its karaka. Weakness of body and muscles, digestive problems, organ damage, skin illnesses, and similar concerns all arise because Saturn negatively influences a person’s horoscope. Paralysis, mental illness, impaired vision, and joint pain are possible side effects.


To name just a few of the ailments it can cause, Rahu can wreak havoc on your respiratory system, lungs, ulcers, legs, and feet. In addition to spleen troubles, it can cause cataracts, sores, speech disorders like stuttering, and other symptoms. Rahu is also a contributing factor in the development of cancer.


Ketu is in charge of the belly button and paws. This can cause diseases of the lungs, fever, and other symptoms. Digestive worms, ear problems, eye problems, stomach ailments, and general physical weakness are all conditions Ketu is known to exacerbate. Ketu also causes unusual diseases whose root causes are obscure.

Habitats for Health

The First House, which contains the ascendant, is crucial to understanding how the native’s health will progress through time. Power, size, vitality, and robust health are all associated with the energy of this house. The native experiences good health when the ascendant cusp lord and the ascendant lord are both placed thanks to the influence of the nakshatras and conjunctions favorably.


Here we have highlighted the correlation between planetary illness and the human body. Those struggling with ongoing health problems should seek the advice of professional Astrologers before attempting any astrological therapies on their own.

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