Custom keychains can make unique gifts for kids, and it’s easy to make your own with an online keychain maker. Using just a few personalized details about your child. You can create something special that they’ll treasure forever, as well as advertise their future career aspirations. Whether you’re ordering this gift for a birthday party or just to say I love you. Making your own custom keychain will result in one-of-a-kind keepsake. Here’s how to get started.


If you want to make your keychains truly one-of- a-kind, it’s important to take some time and think about what kinds of customizations will stand out. One option is to add in elements that are unique to your children, like their names or birthstones. Another approach is to include their favorite color or mascot. Whatever you decide, don’t forget to account for little hands and special care as well while personalizing keychains can be fun. Kids love having something that makes them feel special. And knowing that you put care into a gift can go a long way towards showing them how much they mean to you.

Best of all, if your child loses his or her keys because it’s attached with such an adorable customized keychain! You could customize these cool key chains by engraving kids name on it or adding their favorite sport team logo. The possibilities are endless! You could also give them something to help save energy by installing LED lights in it. LED lights have been around for decades but have only recently become more affordable and widely used among businesses. It’s not surprising considering how efficient LEDs actually are when compared to other forms of lighting. They use far less energy while producing significantly more light output than standard incandescent bulbs do, making them ideal choices when space efficiency is paramount.


Matching your kids’ personalities to keychains is essential. Be sure to match their interests (Transformers, Paw Patrol, Disney princesses), their favorite sports team, or pick a fun cartoon character that will also function as a playful accessory and add a little personality to their backpack. If you’re worried about being too matchy-matchy, think of it from an everyday functionality standpoint: Does your kid have trouble spotting his/her keys in their bag? Is there only one small pocket on their backpack where they can store them?.

A fun custom keychain can solve both issues! Or maybe your child just needs some help keeping track of their important belongings. Funky Luggage offers brightly colored tags with customizable sayings, like If Found Please Return To… and I Belong To… These are great if you want something with a little more flair than a traditional identification tag—and at under $3 each, they’re much cheaper than most key chains. You can even create personalized luggage tags using funky designs like smiley faces, stick figures holding hands, or photographs. These are excellent gifts if you need something unique but affordable for birthdays or holiday presents. Personalized lanyards are another great way to show off what makes your child special—whether that’s through photos or a clever saying!


Keychains are a simple and easy way to commemorate a special event or show your pride in something. But with so many generic keychains out there, it’s hard to find one that really stands out. Luckily, there are tons of fun and creative designs you can add to your custom keychain. If you want to see what’s possible, take a look at some of our most popular custom keychains! These include everything from simple shapes to cartoon characters and even team logos. As long as you have a great picture to work with, we can make any custom keychain design you can imagine into reality!

No matter how big or small your order is, we offer volume discounts on all custom orders—just give us a call to get started. Plus, every custom order comes with free shipping! With fast turnaround times and amazing prices on all custom orders, it’s easy to see why Art Promos is the go-to promotional product company for businesses looking to up their branding game. Contact us today if you want more information about how our custom keychains can help boost brand awareness among customers! We love talking shop and making cool things happen. So give us a call at 1-800-319-0827 today and let’s get started making your next marketing campaign awesome!


A couple of sheets of white poster board, some markers and paint. You can also purchase keychains from an arts-and-crafts store and have your kids decorate them. If you don’t want to invest in a bunch of new materials, use what you have on hand: cotton balls, buttons, scraps of paper or plastic. Let your child’s imagination go wild!

Step 1: Draw out a simple picture of a shape (circle, square, triangle) on one sheet of poster board. Give each child their own sheet to work with so they can make as many shapes as they like. Then let them go crazy with markers and paint. Encourage them to be creative—they might add eyes or ears or arms if they like! Once they are done creating their shape(s), let it dry completely before moving on to
Step 2: Take another piece of poster board and draw out any letters you would like (or allow your children to do so). For example, if you wanted Dad then draw two D’s side by side with an apostrophe between them.

Do’s And Don’ts

If your kids are as excited about their new school year as you are, let them have a say in what goes on their keychains. Remember to consider school colors and mascots, if applicable. It’s important that they like it, too! If they don’t like it or if they forget it at school, you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle by having one custom key chain instead of several identical ones. Additionally, once you’ve made a keychain for your child that is personalized just for them, you might be surprised at how proud they are to carry it around all day—all because it has something that only belongs to them!

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