Celebrating his birthday with his friends on Saturday, March 19th, 2016, Ryan Modell would have never expected that this supposedly-great day would turn around and become the most horrible and heart-breaking event for his family. Sandy Modell’s latest book, Murder & Corruption In Florida, is a gripping and heart-wrenching account of his son’s murder, as well as an exploration of the mind of a sociopath. In addition, the book further talks about and exposes the corrupt officials chosen by the locals, including Governor Ron DeSantis.

Ryan Modell was vulnerable, having no weapons and wearing a bathing suit when he was killed, yet despite the Lee County Sheriff’s office ruling the crime as a murder, Amira Fox – the state attorney – refused to take legal action, and that too without any proper ground. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FBLE) has recently investigated her for extortion of the victim’s family. She has a clear bias against the victim and his family, which has become obvious several times.

The Ryan family (DeSantis) submitted a petition requesting an objective review of the case by an Independent Special Prosecutor three years ago, but unfortunately, it was to no avail. Judges in Fort Myers said they would have to excuse themselves from the case if they had any conflict of interest.

The tragedy that the author alludes to began on March 20th, 2016. Ryan Modell had left a party in the early morning hours and was walking home when he made a fatal mistake. He lived in a community of townhomes that were all very similar in appearance, and it was easy to get confused as to which building was which. Ryan went to Unit 102, but unfortunately, he went to the wrong building.

James Steven Taylor, awakened by the doorbell, opened the door to find Ryan at his doorstep. James told Ryan he was in the wrong building and then slammed the door shut on Ryan’s foot. James made a call to the LCSO and was told that officers were on their way. He was told to stay inside and lock his home, but instead, he went to get armed and go outside after two to four minutes had passed (according to his Deposition Testimony) and found Ryan inspecting his severely injured foot, sitting on the ground. Without showing mercy, James insulted him and, right after that, shot him dead.

In the book (DeSantis), Modell provides a thorough exploration of the case and presents a compelling argument that the shooting was murder, contrary to Amira’s allegation that it was a “Stand Your Ground” case. Senior reporters who have been covering the story say they have never seen a State Attorney so unwilling to indict, raising even more questions about the possible motivations behind the decision.

Modell mentions a case review by the renowned defense lawyer and “Stand Your Ground” expert Mark O’Mara. Taylor claims he was afraid even after being securely shielded inside his residence and maintaining that status more than once, according to O’Mara. This after-the-fact claim is self-serving and infringes Florida law. Ryan, according to Taylor, was a sufficient distance away to not pose a threat. Ryan had already faded away into the darkness the next time he opened the front door.

Mr. Taylor never attempted to claim that Ryan was in any way physically violent to him, was using force against him, or threatened to use deadly force. Despite this, Mr. Taylor determined that killing him was the right approach. In his claim of threatened physical harm, he was irrational. As a result, Mr. Taylor should be investigated for homicide as he is a murderer of Ryan.

Modell’s portrayals of the murderer as a social misfit with no career give readers an accurate idea of his character. Taylor himself told the police that during the day, he takes a quiet walk around the neighborhood, carrying a loaded 10MM pistol with a flashlight attachment, laser sight, and 5-6 clips of additional ammo. Nonetheless, they classified the gun as a hunting weapon.

Taylor is the one who murdered Ryan Modell and has been sending them insulting texts for years, proud of the crime. His wife is unaware of the persona he was using on Facebook to lure young women. Neighbors avoid him at all costs. Modell does not remain quiet in the book; rather, he reveals everything.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office, attorneys, prosecutors, former State Attorneys, courts, and media all have extensively examined the matter. With the exception of Amira Fox, anyone who has seen the evidence appears to agree that it indicates homicide. And she has no answer.

Sandy Modelling has written a compelling yet devastating novel about a mourning father’s frustrations with government corruption and failures in the aftermath of a tragic loss. Modell gives convincing evidence in the narrative for why Governor Ron DeSantis should discontinue protecting unethical and deceitful local authorities and take measures by transferring the matter to a different Judicial Circuit for a fair, autonomous, and unbiased review. The Modell family has suffered long enough for justice; now is the time for Governor DeSantis to make decisions!

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