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Things a Startup Must Have To Succeed

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If you are a start-up business owner looking to find ways that can spice up your marketing to attract a wider clientele, there are some Things a startup must have to succeed. You can look for other ideas as well, but these are the base techniques and steps that need to be used for all starting businesses to boost recognition and visibility to general clients.

A simple new business set-up can be quite invisible online; nowadays, print and mass media marketing do not benefit a business as much as online or digital marketing. It is important to create a persona for yourself on social and entertainment websites. It’s also a must to have a stage online for your Business; if you do not have one, it can be quite hard to gather loyal clients that trust the authenticity of your company.


  1. Memorable Name

For most new businesses, the biggest flaw is that they choose complex or clever names, which is good to a point but can cause troupes in the way of your marketing tactics. If you go for a name that is clever and new, it can be beneficial to create your own new brand. However, this can take a long time, and, in some cases, this is quite hard to achieve as the newer names are not easily searchable.

Instead, it’s a better option to take the faster and more beneficial route of using a name that is highly searchable and fast to remember. Although these names can be quite expensive to get and finalize, they are a fine investment because they bring a lot of clients to your door through search engine and search engine optimization.


  1. Domain and Website

An Online presence requires a home base; just like in real life, you have an office, you need a base online that works as an office. This online base is a website. A website is your office or shops for the Business to have direct interaction with the clients. The clients can come to your website and read your sales and other statements directly.

The website requires a domain, which is the name of the website. This is the identification that your company will be known by; normally, the name of the Business is the name of the domain.

It is important to understand the importance of a domain name; although it is also common to use abbreviations of a company name for the domain in case the original is not available, you should normally check before deciding on the name of the company to see if the domain name is available and if it is within reason for the cost.


  1. Google Business Account

Once you have set up your website, it is important to take the next step right afterward. Once you are in life, you should create your Google Business Account where you can register your Business for google reviews and make it pop in the google search. If you have a google business account, your Business can come up after the related keywords in the suggestion tap. This allows more visitors to your website.


  1. Google AdWords Account

If you are looking to enhance your clientele through Google’s help, the best way to go about it is through the use of Google AdWords.

Google AdWords is the search ads and popup ads on chrome by Google; if you have to choose between the two, always go for the google search ads for keywords; it helps your website pop up on the search engine after certain keywords are searched.

This can increase your clientele exponentially and create a certain loyalty amongst the consumers. The underlining issue with Google AdWords is that it can be too expensive for start-up businesses with an average of 1700 PKR per day for premium results. However, you can start out with a lower budget of 600-1000 PKR per day, averaging the cost at 30k; this may seem like a huge cost, but the profit this brings is also undeniable.


  1. Business-Oriented Social Media

Once you are done with Google, you need to come towards the tack of Business-oriented social media websites like EE Stone, LinkedIn, Fiverr, etc. All of them are important; the more you expose yourself, the higher you can find exposure. It is important to have an active account on your Business Social media because people normally form connections here.

Out of all of these, the best ones to work on right now would be EE Stone and Fiverr because both of these focus on Business to Client relationships.

Fiverr is more global, but the benefit of EE Stone is that you can find Local clients fast; people tend to trust businesses in closer proximity over the ones that are further away.


  1. Normal Social Media Accounts

Normal Social media accounts are a must; these help you interact with the clients in a frank fashion, you can answer questions, and help people with inquiries in a comfortable environment. It allows you to gather information about what clients want and helps you create a connection with loyal consumers to create a bond.

Consumers like companies that are responsive, quirky, and fun. Even big corporations are getting on with this through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook; by interacting with comments with fun responses, these can also turn into an Online Market place.

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  1. Search Engine Optimization

The last thing that you need to have on your list is the Search engine optimization of your company; without this, your website will not be on the first page of the google search engine. Without ads, your website will be lost in the sea of other websites.

It is important to get your website optimized by a trustworthy mobile app development company; better than searching online for a SEO company; you can ask a trusted source for one. If you want to get it through official sources, go through the company’s website and check everything properly.

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