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Why It’s Time to Consider Accounting Services for Digital Marketing Firms

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The world as we know it has experienced a massive leap in progress within the last two decades. Today, technology ( accounting) is advanced, and we can even buy groceries through a single tap. Now that the marketplace has been digitized, firms built for digital marketing have popped up everywhere. These firms are essentially the proverbial door-to-door salesman of the 21st century.

Digital marketing firms and the opportunities they create

With the rise of these digital marketing firms comes a host of new jobs and roles. There must be creatives, business analysts, data analysts and a number of other important positions to keep the digital marketing business up and running. However, accounting remains a neglected portfion of the digital marketing operations to date. Often, firms do not address accounting issues until it is too late, and when they eventually seek to resolve them, these have already become too big a challenge to deal with.


What about the smaller digital marketing firms?

Data from the SBA Office of Advocacy shows that around 99% of the businesses in the US qualify as small businesses. Thus, it is even more important for those in small digital marketing firms to catch on with the evolving market trends. If they do not gain a head start on the competition, they might simply get wiped out.


Moving Toward the Solution

The first thought of course the management of digital marketing firms, the smaller-to-medium sized ones in particular, would be to do it yourself! They know they can hire a personal accountant, but this would be expensive.


What! You do not have the expertise and cannot afford an accountant!

Well, with smaller digital marketing firms that form major part of the digital marketing diaspora worldwide, the problem is two-fold: for some, the expertise required to deal with accounting matters is missing in-house, whereas for others, the financial capacity to hire a full-time accountant is missing.


Outsourcing and/or staff augmentation to hire affordable accounting expertise

So, when there are capacity and affordability issues, a viable option today is to leverage outsourcing and/or staff augmentation solutions. Outsourcing involves subletting your process or a part thereof to a third party, while staff augmentation is the process of augmenting or strengthening your HR capacity by bring aboard an external resource(s).

Since outsourcing and staff augmentation service providers specialize in this field of the service industry, they have the needed pool of expertise, cost economies and operational synergies to offer resources to their clients at less than the market cost.


Hire services from quality service providers

When hiring outsourcing and/or staff augmentation services, it is important that you do not suffice on just the service. Rather, investigate if the service provider has proper quality protocols in place so that the payroll and time savings achieved are not offset by the poor quality of the resource.

Led by Haroon Jafree (CPA), Expertise Accelerated is Connecticut-based outsourcing and staff augmentation specialist for accounting & finance services. It is committed to delivering 60 percent payroll savings through the provision of high-quality professional resources from its offshore talent pool.


Added benefits of outsourcing and/or staff augmentation for digital marketing firms Outsourcing and/or staff augmentation are not necessarily a means to achieve just payroll savings. These services come with even more benefits, some of which are briefly stated below.

Keeping Track of it All

While easy to forget, yearly tax time is quite a nuisance for businesses. Having to sift through months of receipts, copies of checks, contracts, and more is enough to drive one to insanity. Instead, in exchange for a small fee, you can forget about the problem entirely. A competent outsourced accounting service can come in and fix all your financial problems. This means that when the Tax Day comes, you are ready.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Time and money are two sides of the same coin. If you are a digital marketing agency, your primary job is to be working round the clock to help uplift your client’s businesses. So it is important to consider the extent to which the company’s financial matters are adversely affecting the firm’s operational fitness.


Many firms consider hiring an accounting service a waste of money, but here is some food for thought here. How much more can the agency expand if it were not distracted consistently by financial matters? Logically, if you outsource this responsibility, bearing a small premium, the benefits gained can be phenomenal.


Consistent Reporting and Assessment of Financial Data

With accounting firms evolving to provide specialized services, such as business analysis, budgeting & forecasting, and projections, business in general can now carve a more navigable route to success. With such expertise at your disposal now—thanks to the service portfolios of firms like Expertise Accelerated—, you can receive detailed and insightful reports on key aspects of your business, including vital business processes and operations.


Improved Budgeting

With outsourcing & staff augmentation service, digital marketing firms can have their entire accounting and financial record organized and updated, hence, allowing for tracking and planning of business expenditure and investment outlays. This can prove vital for these firms’ long-term competitiveness and success.

Making the right choice

Leveraging outsourcing and staff augmentation solutions from high-quality service providers, such as the Expertise Accelerated, can bring immense benefits, as elaborated earlier. The labor markets today have evolved from being regionalized to globalized, defying the constraints of space and time. So, companies in the US today can recruit from any part of the world and have staff mobilized 24/7.


EA’s Offshore Talent Pool

EA’s offshore talent pool comprises accounting & finance professionals from a wide range of specializations, including financial reporting, costing, business analysis, financial planning & budgeting, projection and forecasting, trade spend management, accounting & bookkeeping, auditing & assurance, and SOX compliance. This human capital is professionally superior, adequately trained, and highly affordable.


EA Outsourcing Methodology

Expertise Accelerated pursues a hybrid work methodology that combines elements of on-site oversight with off-site resource mobilization. To combine local and offshore expertise to deliver its clients a high-quality yet affordable outsourcing and co-sourcing/staff augmentation service.

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