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Top 10 Must-see Photography Movies – 2022 Compilation

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Movies are no longer an entertainment medium. Some movies inspire you, teach you, and help you bring out the better version of you. Such movies shouldn’t be missed out. For example, in a movie, you may learn skills to use a photo editing software. If you’re a photographer and looking for such movies, this post is the best bet to make.

As the post proceeds, you get to know about the top 10 movies that every photographer should watch at least once in a lifetime. So, let’s get started.  

#1 – One Hour Photo

This dark thriller has to be at the first spot as it depicts the obsession of a photo technician for a family and how he captures the life of the Yorkin family. He captures the intimate moments of the couple and even edits them with the help of a photo editor. 

Its narration, performance delivery, direction, and everything else are perfect. The movie also makes us understand that people around us may have too much interference in our lives and can cause trouble. No wonder why it has won tons of awards.


#2 – Jerry & Maggie: This Is Not Photography 

This movie is probably the first one that talked about layer masking at length. Jerry, the husband experiments in the darkroom. Maggie, the wife, creates haunting landscapes with her layer photo editor. The documentary talk about how photo-editing layers and layer mask can bring the eerie imagination into being. 

If you want to do the same, a Photo Editor for PC or a Mac Photo Editor like Luminar Neo can help you out.

#3 – Gregory Crewdson Brief Encounters

Gregory Crewdson is one of the greatest photographers of all time and this documentary talk about his work. 

#4 – In No Great Hurry: 13 Lessons in Life with Saul Leiter

Go on an emotional journey with Saul Leiter, the protagonist and world-renowned photographer in this documentary. It talks about the harsh reality of fame that only lasts for a while. The movie uses photo editor layers very nicely.

#5 – The Salt of the Earth

This documentary is a work of art as it presents the life of Sebastiao Salgado interestingly. He has captured many crucial events through its lenses. From nature to terrorists, he filmed everything. 

#6 – Manufactured Landscapes 

It’s about the work of Edward Burtynsky on China’s dump yard and Bangladesh’s ship recycling center. He exposes the ugly side of mass industrialization.

#7 – The Bang Bang Club 

It’s about the professional journey of four real-time war photographers and their experience in South Africa. 

#8 – Closer 

It’s based on fiction but is a great inspiration for photographers involved in portrait photography as the film gives you tons of ideas. It’s a visual treat as everything is beautifully captured.

If you like portrait photography too, you must get acquainted with photo layer editor and photo editing layers after watching this movie. Do not forget to get a good layer photos app.

#9 – Memento

Christopher Nolen has done an amazing job in this movie. If you’re aware of the importance of capturing people then watch this movie as it shows how a person with short memory loss disorder tries to find the killer of his wife with polaroid clicks. He succeeds in the end. 

#10 – Kodachrome

It’s a fictional drama and is a great watch as he shows the bond of a father and son and some amazing landscape photography. 


Final say 

The right kind of movie can act as a catalyst for you and inspire you to polish yourself a little further or find out your true calling. All these movies are must-watch. How many you have already watched? Also, once you are done watching these movies and get the needed inspiration, make sure you do a photo editor download and practice photography well.

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