Top 10 Powerful Militaries in the World

Powerful Militaries
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Battlefields are evolving at the same pace as tech is. Countries are pumping hundreds of billions of dollars annually to upgrade their armed forces. From advanced training, weaponry to technology, the competition is tough. 

Global Firepower, a company that tracks military strength has released its report revealing the top most powerful armies by accessing their financials, geography, logistical capability, and some other factors.

Have a look at the list of the most powerful militaries in the world. Be surprised to learn who is leading:

1: United States of America

Apologies if you were expecting China. The United States is still the top contender. The country is known for its armed forces, economy, Hollywood, and not to mention affordable service plans like Spectrum Internet plans.

America spends $577 billion annually on defense. For your information, this budget is 4 times more than that of China. The USA is behind when it comes to manpower measures but its extensive carrier fleet and superior airpower beat everything.

2: Russia

Second, on the list is none other than Russia. Its ranking is fueled by superior armors, large navy, and let’s not forget, the country is the world’s largest oil producer as well. 

It’s fourth when it comes to the number of military personnel. The country’s propaganda arms and special operation forces have been commendable over the years. 

3: China

Here comes China, the country with the second-largest military budget. It has a large fleet of aircraft, tank force, and the world’s largest military personnel. In case you didn’t know, China has a military draft it has rarely used.

4: India

Number fourth on the list is India. The country ranks among the top five because of its large labor force and a huge number of service members. It has a huge fleet of aircraft, tanks, and navy. India has been suffering because of the significant oil consumption, though. 

5: United Kingdom

The UK doesn’t have a huge tank force. Its military personnel and number of aircraft are low as well. Despite all that, the country has successfully maintained a spot in the top 5. That’s probably because the United Kingdom has the 5th largest navy force and the 5th highest military budget. Its geography has been favorable as well.

6: France

France may not have the most impressive number of planes, ships, and tanks, but it has modern equipment including tiger helicopters, mirage, LeClerc tanks, and rafale jets. 

The country manufactures its own military supplies. This means France has the ability to manufacture equipment in a protracted war.

7: South Korea

It’s the 6th largest military by population. South Korea has a large fleet of aircraft and navy as well. it has a small military budget and armored corps though. 

North Korea is its biggest threat. Even though SK has a large navy (based on the number of ships), but it is weak because of undertrained manpower and obsolete equipment. 

8: Germany 

Germany has a strong economy and its military spending is significant too, which is why it’s on the list. Its military personnel is well-trained as well.

However, it’s believed that the country’s position is weaker than it appears on the papers. Germany imports most of its oil from Russia. And the country consumes much more oil than it locally produces. Since it’s moving away from nuclear and coal, it seems that the country’s ability to overcome oil shortage may be reducing. 

9: Japan

If the Japanese had a greater appetite for war, the country might have ranked better. It’s the 6th largest military spender and its air fleet and navy are large as well. 

However, constitution limits and its lackluster attitude halts the ability of the Japanese military to project force worldwide. 

10: Turkey

Turkey has a significant military population as well as tank force. The country is constantly upgrading its navy as well. 

The country’s clashes with the Kurdish struggles in Syria and some other heated issues have made Turkey realize that it needs to up its war game. If another nation approaches it, Turkey needs to be ready. Therefore, soon after 2015, the country increased its defense investment by 10 percent. Besides the weaponry and technology, Turkey has strong diplomatic ties with the United States. 


That’s all folks. These were the nations with the strongest military based on their defense budget, air force, navy, manpower, etc. 

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