The right kurta can make you look attractive in a room full of people. This traditional clothing item is so versatile that you can wear them anywhere you want. You can style them according to the occasion. You must buy a few kurtas for men and wear them to different events, including formal and casual get-togethers. Be it a wedding, a festival, a party, or another event, you cannot go wrong with a kurta. Kurtas for men can be styled up or down based on how glamorous the event is. You need to buy the kurtas that fit you perfectly and suit your personality. You must go through endless options to buy the right Stylish Kurtas for men.

If you find the perfect men’s kurta, you can easily style it for various functions and gatherings. Kurtas make a man look mature and attractive. Among all the other clothing pieces, this is the most versatile piece because it makes a man stand out. Before getting your hands on the item, you must look for certain factors such as the cut of the kurta, material, colour, patterns, and prints. While buying kurtas for men, you should see that they suit your personality.

Types of Stylish Kurtas for Men

Here are a few stylish men’s kurta in 2023 that are quite popular and in trend. You must invest in these kurtas if you do not have them already:

1. Plain Kurta

Every man must have a few plain solid, colour kurtas. It is important to note that solid colour kurtas for men can be styled effortlessly. You can pair them with different coloured bottoms or jeans. You can also go for monochrome looks if you buy plain kurtas for men. Having a few solid colours in your wardrobe is crucial. A man must buy certain colours: black, white, and brown. These basic colours help to build the wardrobe. You can wear your plain kurtas for men on different occasions without looking the same everywhere. People will think you are wearing a new kurta every time you style your old ones differently.

Chinese collar kurtas are one of the most popular styles right now.

2. Asymmetrical Kurta

Asymmetrical kurtas for men are growing in popularity in 2023. The asymmetric cut of the kurtas gives a fun element to the traditional piece. These types of kurtas for men fall under the semi-Indian category, and they are a favourite among people who are not fans of traditional kurtas. You can style these kurtas for western parties where you want to blend both cultures. It is important to style asymmetrical kurtas correctly. Wear the right bottom that flatters the cut, and choose the right accessories. Your footwear should also compliment your outfit. While the main focus remains on the asymmetrical cut of the outfit, your accessories and shoes should accentuate the look.

3. Chinese Collar Kurta

We have all seen actors and influencers wear Chinese collar kurtas for men these days. This is a popular trend in 2023 that is here to stay. Chinese collar kurtas have been a hit for quite some time, but they gained prominence this year as more influencers and actors wear them. They are unique and elevate your height whenever you wear them. Go for subtle colours that suit you when buying Chinese collar kurtas for men. This unique cut has made kurtas look different from each other. You can wear them to your office or at a party. You can also add a scarf or stole to elevate the look of your kurta. Make sure not to hide the cut of the collar because that is the show’s star in 2023.

4. Long Kurta

Long kurtas for men have been in trend for quite some time now. They can be worn to traditional parties and festivals. The best way to style them is by wearing Indian bottoms and jutis. Add a light scarf to complete the look. Long kurtas make you look attractive, and the right fit will help you to stand out. While buying long kurtas for men, ensure that they fit you correctly. Since they are long, the fittings have to be correct so that you look handsome. It is better to try out the long kurta first and then buy it.

These are the types of stylish kurtas for men that have grown popular in 2023 so far. More kurta trends will come in because this industry keeps evolving. Indian wear has its charm, and people love to wear the outfit all the time. They are comfortable, casual, and versatile, so that nothing can bring down their popularity. You should buy different kurtas for men that have unique cuts and prints. If you love being part of fashion trends, the above styles are right for you. Check out the available options and see which ones you like the most.

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