Learn how to drive more website traffic and increase conversions with these effective healthcare PPC tips explanations. The private healthcare sector has become increasingly competitive in recent years. In the wake of the pandemic, as with most sectors, the healthcare industry saw a significant surge in online activity. This led to a need for rapid digital marketing optimization to stay ahead of the competition in a world that had gone immensely digital almost overnight.

However, despite the shift in emphasis toward the digital sphere, many healthcare companies are still slacking when fine-tuning their online presence. All great digital marketing campaigns fire on multiple fronts. The one that tends not to be properly utilized within the healthcare sector is PPC marketing.

To achieve optimal results, the best means of doing so is probably soliciting the help of a dedicated healthcare PPC agency. Failing that, there are a few steps that you can take yourself. Here are some tips for improving healthcare PPC marketing strategy.

Ensure That You Track Your Conversions

It is all well and good driving traffic to your healthcare site. However, if it isn’t entirely relevant, is there any true value in doing so? The answer is no. Regarding tracking relevant user activity on your website, nothing should be prioritized above accurate conversion tracking. Exactly what you value to be a conversion is totally up to you.

Some popular conversion tracking examples include: 

  • Confirmed appointment bookings
  • Online form submissions
  • Clicks on phone call icons
  • Direct emails through the site

If you don’t have conversion tracking set up properly, it is almost impossible to track ROI for your establishment accurately. Conversion rates are also a valuable gauge of which Google Ads campaigns perform best and should be prioritized where appropriate.

Use Clear, Concise Messaging

Regarding PPC campaigns, you only have a few characters to work with to communicate your message. Using these characters wisely is important on two fronts:

  1. It would be best if you efficiently displayed your USPs. Ensure you deliver your brand messaging and highlight exactly what you offer and why the patient/stakeholder should choose you over the competition.
  2. It adds to the Ad quality score. By implementing effective healthcare-focused text in your messaging, you are also helping your chances of securing a better Ad quality score. This means you will appear nearer the top of the SERP on the most relevant search terms. This leads to a higher quantity and quality of leads coming to your website.

As has already been mentioned, healthcare is a highly competitive sector. It is crucial that you can grab the attention of your target audience at a glance. Effective copywriting is the best means of achieving this through Google Ads.

Note Your Competitors Activity 

It is always important to know how others act within your space. Make sure to do some research on how other healthcare companies are acting through Healthcare PPC Tips. Some of the things you could consider include:

  • How have they adapted their copy to the keyword in question?
  • Are they using other Google Ads tactics, such as display ads or remarketing campaigns?
  • What keywords are they focusing on?
  • Have they changed their strategy at all?
  • What exactly are they advertising? Opening hours? Online reviews? Prices?

You will pick up on industry trends by noting how they act and better understanding your position amongst your competitors. Use this as a roadmap for developing your healthcare PPC campaigns moving forward. It would be best if you always were tweaking your campaigns to achieve optimal performance levels.

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