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Types of Sports That Can Increase Male Vitality

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Did you know that male vitality and performance in bed can be increased through exercise? Check out sports that are good for male vitality here.

Exercise has many benefits for you. One of them is to increase the vitality of men.

Just exercise regularly. Certain exercises can increase your libido and make it easier to do more difficult positions. Even your stress levels can be reduced.

The list of sports that can increase the vitality of both men and women:

1. Pilates

Therefore, not just anyone can do it. But of course, these various love works can make the love life more smoldering and orgasms more intense.

A study in adults who took Pilates classes 1 hour twice a week for 12 weeks found that participants had improved body flexibility. Not only that, but the strength in the upper body and abdominal muscles also increases.

2. Yoga

Yoga did indoors with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius – can provide benefits for your healthy life.

This is related to the sweat glands that release the hormone androstadienone.

Women who smelled androstadienone had an increase in libido levels of up to 200 percent!

Not only that, yoga can also reduce stress levels and make you sleep better. Cenforce 100 can help to increase libido.

3. Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is one type of sport that increases male vitality. This is related to increased testosterone levels.

These hormones increase because this exercise allows you to be exposed to sunlight. That way, vitamin D levels in the body will increase, so testosterone levels—the hormone in men also increases.

4. Run

Running is a way to reduce stress levels from undisbursed energy, tension, and excessive adrenaline.

Stress is a major libido killer, which will make you not want to have love.

Therefore, to increase vitality, running can be your choice. Not only that, endorphins will be produced when running, so that makes you happy.

5. Football

Playing one or two rounds of soccer can actually increase testosterone levels by as much as 30 percent while increasing libido, you know!

It was also found that playing at home will further increase testosterone levels.

Invite your partner to watch you as you compete. Then move on to dating to have some quality time together.

6. Kegels exercises

In general, Kegel exercises are given to individuals who need to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. For example, when the person is unable to hold urination due to various reasons.

But it turns out this sport can also help your life better.

Kegel exercises are known to strengthen the vaginal muscles to have stronger orgasms. In men, Vidalista 60 can be to prevent erectile dysfunction.

7. Swimming

Similar to walking, swimming for 30 minutes 3 times a week can increase male vitality. You can also lose weight by swimming, improving your health and fitness.

8. Muscle Strength Training

By strengthening your muscles, you can help increase your vitality. Using both weights and body weight, muscles can be strengthened by doing strength training using weights.

Some experts argue that strength training can increase libido more than cardio—such as running and jumping. This is because strength training is easier to reduce stress than cardio training.

There are no definite provisions regarding exercise frequency in a week to increase male vitality. However, several studies examining male function recommend 2 hours a week of vigorous-intensity exercise, such as running or swimming.

You can do moderate-intensity exercise for 3.5 hours a week. Meanwhile, you need 6 hours a week if the exercise is light intensity.

Sports and Food for 56 years old

In principle, exercise for your age should start at a very light level of activity, gradually and increase to moderate activity. To get maximum results, your lifelong exercise should consist of three sports components, namely;

  1. Aerobic exercise, which means exercise for heart and lung health, such as walking. Aerobic exercise can be 30 minutes daily during the week. In addition to walking, aerobic exercise can be done by swimming, cycling, and fishing. Vidalista 20Cenforce 200 can help improve physical health.
  2. Strength training can be done by lifting a bottle of mineral water which is done slowly, from moving the hands without a load for a few minutes, then with weights so that the joints are regular and not shocked. Strength training can also be done by getting up and then standing from a chair, this is the same as being done slowly first like warming up.
  3. Balance exercises, this exercise is very important because it has scientific evidence, but empirically are good to do to improve stability and avoid the risk of falling. This exercise can be done by standing on one leg, stretching the muscles of the arms and legs, as when we warm up before exercising in general. This exercise is done twice a week. Aurogra 100Fildena 100Super p force to treat men’s health.

Your age is recommended to consume soft foods that can help make it easier for the digestive system to process food. Bananas and tubers are one of the allowed foods. The type of food processing must also be considered so that the elderly do not feel bored with the food served.

Processing food into porridge or making steamed and boiled types of food can be an alternative. In addition, the consumption of whole grains is also recommended for the elderly, for example, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and watermelon seeds which can increase brain nerves and are rich in calcium.

Some types of food should be avoided to maintain the health of your body, such as avoiding sugar which can increase stomach acid, fried foods, fruits such as mango and pineapple, and salt.

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