Tik-Tok is swiftly becoming famous in just a few years as a medium of internet trends and viral video content. With users spending an average of 24.5 hours there each month in 2021, it even outpaced YouTube in terms of time spent there. This is primarily because of the platform’s addictive qualities, which are a product of its carefully thought-out algorithm and tempt users to keep consuming material.

Numerous businesses are using TikTok to promote their products and engage with younger consumers because of the high levels of engagement the platform experiences. But what precisely is the TikTok algorithm, and what makes it so compelling? What’s more, how can you use the algorithm to your advantage? Find out by reading on. 

What is the algorithm behind TikTok?

According to each user’s tastes, the TikTok algorithm determines which videos to show them on their For You page. In other words, the machine decides which videos you might find interesting.

Consequently, each user’s experience with the ‘For You’ page is highly customized, and no two users will ever view precisely the same pages. By focusing the suggestions on specialized interests, it becomes more targeted, ensuring that NFL fans watch videos about football rather than more general sports content.

This implies that if your choices and attitude change over time, so may the kinds of videos you watch too. The TikTok algorithm will instantly notice any changes in your behavior and provide the most relevant material at the time.

Tik-Tok Algorithm Influencing Factors

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How, then, does TikTok decide which videos to suggest? According to TikTok, the algorithm takes into account several variables, including:

Interaction with users

The Instagram and TikTok algorithms significantly influence how people engage with the platform. In other words, it analyzes your online behavior to determine your potential preferences. It takes essential data signals like:

  • Videos you enjoy
  • Videos shared, Accounts followed, Content created, Comments posted, Videos added to favorites
  • Inventors you conceal
  • Videos you’ve “not interested” flagged

TikTok considers how much of the video you viewed to better focus on your interests. The TikTok algorithm gives greater weight to videos that are fully watched because doing so is a good indication that users are engaged in the material. The system also favors artists whose work you engage with frequently over those you follow but frequently scroll through.

Video Information

Tik-Tok considers the Content of the video in addition to your activity to determine the subject matter and which videos you would be interested in. It frequently considers particulars like:

  1. Identifying any keywords in the captions that might tell the machine what the material is about
  2. Use hashtags to group material into categories and tell the algorithm about the video.
  3. To find popular audio Content and make it available to a broader audience, use audio such as noises and tunes.

Settings for Devices and Accounts

TikTok: Pupils could be excluded for filming videos at school - BBC News

Although not to the same extent as user activity and video data, TikTok also considers your device and account settings. Since consumers don’t openly state their preferences, it uses these aspects more as a tool to improve performance and less as signals for content recommendations. Among the device and account parameters that TikTok takes into account are the following;

  • Device type
  • Country setting
  • Language preference

What TikTok’s Algorithm Ignores

To avoid displaying the videos or films you’ve specifically indicated you don’t want to view, TikTok restricts some material from appearing on your For You tab to improve the user experience continually. Thus, the following categories of videos won’t be recommended by the TikTok algorithm:

  • already seen material
  • Spam material
  • duplicated materials
  • You’ve tagged certain Content as “Not Interested.”
  • Content that could be damaging or disturbing

How to Use the Tik-Tok Algorithm to Your Advantage When Going Viral

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Understanding the algorithm provides you the much-needed power you need, whether you’re a content creator looking to break out on the platform or a business looking to use TikTok to attract a wider audience. It aids in your comprehension of how to produce Content to increase visibility and eventually draw in more tiktok likes and followers. Here are some guidelines for making videos that the TikTok algorithm will give preference to:

Specify a niche.

You must continuously produce material in a particular niche since topic matter influences the TikTok algorithm. You have a greater chance of appearing on the ‘For You’ pages of the appropriate users the more videos you produce in your field.

Therefore, you must select a subculture or category to concentrate on first. This will enable you to tap into an existing community and increase the exposure of your material among the appropriate audience. For brands, this is relatively simple because they already have established goods and identified industries. It is all required to find out what kinds of Content are popular within specific sectors and niches and use them as inspiration for your TikTok content strategy.

Maintain a short video length

Recall how the TikTok algorithm takes into account whether or not consumers watch a video all the way through. If you make shorter videos that are simple to complete in a matter of seconds, you might be able to take advantage of this.

Even though Tik-Tok allows you to upload files up to 60 seconds long, you should strive for a much shorter video length if you want excellent video completion rates.

Make the Initial Seconds Count

Even while the objective is to have viewers for the videos, you still need to ensure that they are watching your videos in the first place. People have short attention spans, so if your films don’t grab their interest within the first few seconds, they will likely quickly scroll over them. Making the initial few seconds of your video count can ensure that your audience is immediately interested and eager to continue watching.

Use text overlay, visual cues, and music to ensure that the initial two to three seconds of the video may capture your audience’s attention right away. Get right to the intriguing portion and omit parts that aren’t required.

Utilize Trending Hashtags

You may significantly increase your chances of appearing on the ‘For You’ pages of relevant people by including popular hashtags in your TikTok videos. Since they are already receiving a ton of interaction, those trending hashtags may help significantly increase your Content’s exposure.

Under the Discover tab, look for hot hashtags to see if there are any prospects for your company. Better yet, keep an eye out for hashtag challenges in which you may participate. Trending challenges not only provide you with ideas for writing but taking part in them increases your likelihood of being found. According to TikTok, 61% of consumers prefer businesses participating in a Tik-Tok challenge.

Make your captions exciting and pertinent.

You may take advantage of this chance to increase the exposure of your Content because the TikTok algorithm considers video subtitles. With the new 300-character description limit, you have plenty of room to compose a pertinent and exciting caption that defines your video or provides context.


One of the essential strategies for success on TikTok is to comprehend how the platform’s algorithm functions. So, if your company intends to use the platform, use the advice above to influence the algorithm in your favor. Additionally, this is a powerful method for content producers to increase their visibility and power on the network.

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