It’s a common misconception that semi-truck drivers are at fault for truck accidents. That said, it’s not always the case. Holding the trucking company, the truck’s owner, the part maker, the maintenance contractor. The cargo loading business, or even a government organization accountable is possible.

Why are you even involved in this? Finding the responsible party for your accident is essential to putting together a strong claim as an accident victim seeking compensation for your losses. Liability can be challenging to determine because several people are frequently responsible for the same accident. What you need to know regarding liability and truck accidents in Utah is summarized in this article.

No-fault auto insurance is legal in Utah (For Minor Collisions)

Only a few jurisdictions allow “no-fault” insurance for cars, including Utah. All drivers must purchase a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy per Utah state law. Your PIP insurance, which covers no-fault situations. Is in charge of paying for the initial injury after an accident. A minimum of $3,000 in a no-fault insurance is required by state law for drivers. Your PIP coverage will pay the first $3,000 of your medical expenses and lost wages in car and truck accidents.

Filing a truck accident claim

Suppose you were critically hurt in an accident. In that case, you can bypass the no-fault system in Utah. And submit a personal injury claim directly to the negligent party’s insurance company. There are a few different methods to meet the serious injury threshold. But the easiest is having medical costs for one person exceed $3,000 in any given year. 

You can hold the negligent party legally accountable for the entire extent of your damages if your medical expenses from a vehicle accident exceed $3,000 in cost. According to Utah truck accident lawyers,  if a victim is gravely wounded. They will qualify to pursue civil culpability damages even under Utah’s no-fault system.

If they don’t qualify, it’s unlikely that the injury would be economically worthwhile to pursue. Thankfully the no-fault coverage at least ensures that the medical bills are paid. And may even provide some time off work or household assistance. Because of this, no-fault insurance exists to cover lesser collisions when a victim may require some modest medical attention or help.

Utah’s comparative negligence standard

You may have a legal claim against the truck driver, the employer of the driver. The business that owns or leases the truck, the cargo loader, the truck manufacturer, or even a third-party driver.

State law imposes a modified comparative negligence standard on truck accident claims and other claims involving traffic accidents. Consequently, each party will be held accountable for their proportionate share of the fault in a transportation accident. And negligence is what constitutes a fault in a collision.

The amount of the plaintiff’s fault must be less than that of the defendants for them to be entitled to damages if they contributed to the crash.


One of the most challenging components of any truck accident is determining who is at fault for a collision, but a lawyer can help.

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