Can I Manually Update My HP Printer Firmware on HP Managed and HP Enterprise printers? This query is common nowadays. Therefore, we are here to explain all about it. HP offers firmware upgrades for printers to assist fix any known faults and provide new capabilities during the course of the printer’s support life, much like service packs do for operating systems.

Updates to HP Printer Firmware

Profits from the sale of branded ink and toner cartridges used in printers go to the printer makers. When they sell the printers themselves, this is not the case. As a result, manufacturers frequently upgrade the firmware on printers to disallow the use of compatible cartridges. With this in mind, HP just released HP printer firmware updates

We are now putting a lot of effort into making sure that our cartridges under the Cartridge People Own Brand name have the necessary technology to work with HP printers. It’s possible that you’ll have to buy original cartridges while we’re working on this. 

Depending on whether the printer is in a ready condition or an error state, one of four supported techniques can be used to perform a firmware update on this device: 

  1. Maintenance menu on a USB flash drive (ready state) (locally)
  2. (Ready state) Embedded Web Server (remotely)
  3. The reboot menu on a USB flash drive (error condition) (locally)
  4. Jet admin web site (ready state) (multiple printers at one time 
  5. Prior to starting

Check that any software programs being used with the HP printer(s) will support the new firmware version before upgrading the firmware, and review the following specifications:

NOTE: These solutions may need to be reinstalled or changed if device resets are carried out during the updating process. 

  1. HP advises updating the solution first before updating the printer if it also needs to be updated to support the new firmware.
  2. Depending on the computer’s speed and the type of connection, a firmware update could take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes or longer.
  3. Downgrading firmware remotely is not supported. See the section on firmware downgrades for further details.
  4. Only HP Enterprise and HP Managed printers are covered by the procedures in this paper. See the applicable printers section. To complete these actions, you might require administrator rights or a passcode.

Relevant Printers

The following printer models are covered by this document 

  1. HP LaserJet Business
  2. LaserJet Managed by HP
  3. Officejet Enterprise from HP
  4. HP Page Wide Business
  5. Page Wide Managed by HP

Can I Manually Update My HP Printer Firmware?

There are following steps you can follow for updating HP printer firmware as follows: 

  1. Verify that the printer is turned on and connected to your computer. The printer and PC should ideally be connected to an uninterruptible power source. In the event of a power failure, a UPS unit’s backup battery can keep your system running for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Use an administrator account to access the machine.
  3. From the manufacturer’s website, get the most recent update HP printer firmware file for your printer model. Verify that you have chosen the correct file before downloading so that you don’t brick your printer by flashing it with the wrong firmware.
  4. To start installing the firmware, double-click the file. Obey the directions displayed on the screen. Under no circumstances should the printer be turned off while receiving an update; doing so could harm the device permanently.

Other Methods for Updating HP Printer Firmware

Many HP printers provide immediate firmware updates from the printer control panel when they are online.

  1. Ensure that the printer is wired or wirelessly connected.

WARNING: USB connections are not functional.

On the control panel, select the Setup, Services, or Settings menu.

  1. Select Preferences, Printer Maintenance, or Tools.
  2. Now, pick Web Services, Printer Update, or LaserJet Update.
  3. Follow the prompts if they appear to activate Web Services.
  4. Decide on Check for Updates or a comparable choice.

Software called HP printer firmware enables our printers to print. HP printers feature firmware created by HP software developers that enable the machines to function, similar to how a smartphone has an operating system. Most of the electronic devices we use on a daily basis couldn’t function without firmware.

Final words!

The original cartridge chip’s security is leveraged by HP firmware, which is meant to guard against constantly changing security concerns. Firmware updates sent over the internet can upgrade, extend, or improve the printer’s performance and capabilities in addition to assisting with security defense. I hope you will get the answer to the query “Can I Manually Update My HP Printer Firmware” from this blog. Hopefully, this information helps you to update HP printers manually.

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