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Ways To Collect Addresses For Wedding

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Are you about to send out your wedding invitations? After you’ve chosen the right invitation design, the next step is to collect the postal addresses of your guests. Rather than spending hours contacting each guest individually and requesting “I need your address” (either via email, text, or phone call—all of which are far too time-consuming! ), getting addresses for wedding invitations online is the simplest and most convenient option.


Many internet applications offer this digital address-collection service for free; most work by sending a mass email to your wedding guests and then combining the addresses for you in one convenient location. We produced this step-by-step guide to the two greatest services that tackle the problem of how to acquire addresses for people to assist you to go through the many possibilities.



Minted’s Digital Address Collection Cards make it easier to collect addresses for wedding invitations  by eliminating the need to contact or text each person and say, “I need your address.” The best part is that this useful address-collection tool is completely free. Here’s how to do it with our simple, step-by-step instructions.

Start by gathering everyone’s email address in one place, either in a spreadsheet or in your Minted Address Assistant, once you’ve prepared your wedding guest list (a.k.a. online address book). Follow these steps to email guests a Digital Address Collection Card:


1. Select A Design For A Digital Address Collection Card.

We recommend matching the design to your Minted wedding invitations—this way, you’re giving guests a sneak peek at the wedding invitation to come. Alternatively, if you haven’t decided on a final invitation design yet, select an Address Collection Card design that complements your overall wedding theme.


2. Send It To Your Guests Via Email.

Add everyone’s email addresses, and Minted will email your digital card to them; alternatively, you can send your guests the customized URL directly.


3. The Guests’ Mailing Information Will Be Entered.


When your guest receives your pre-invitation email, they will be asked to fill out an online reply card with their postal address. Their contact information will be saved in your online address book.

4. Your Wedding Invitation Envelopes Will Be Addressed By Minted.

Minted will print your save the date, invitation, and thank you card envelopes in any style or font—for free—once everyone has entered their addresses.




Google Forms is another simple (and free) way to quickly collect guests’ mailing addresses. Here’s how to go about it:

1. Install A New Google Form.

We recommend setting up a separate email account for wedding planning; use it to communicate with wedding vendors and to create a Google Form to collect guests’ addresses.


2. Request The Mailing Addresses Of Guests.

Make sure you include the fields below for guests to fill out; we recommend making all fields mandatory except “Address (line 2)” so guests don’t skip a part. Bonus: Another advantage of using a form to collect guests’ addresses is that you will have the correct spelling of everyone’s names because each guest is responsible for entering their information (translation: you won’t have to guess how to spell anyone’s name and you will be guaranteed no misspelt invitation envelopes!).


Last name, first name

Postal Code (line 1)

Postal Code (line 2)

State of the City (abbreviated)

the zip code


3. Make A Link Between The Form And A Spreadsheet.

Once you’ve completed your address-collection form, click the “Responses” tab and then the green box below to instantly create a connected spreadsheet—this is where all of your guests’ answers will be auto-populated once they enter their information.


4. Share The Link With Guests.

When you’re ready to send your form, click the link icon to generate a URL that you can share with visitors (we recommend also selecting “shorten URL” to make the web address shorter and easier to remember). Copy the link and send it to your wedding guests via email or text message (whichever seems easier to you).


When guests click the link (they don’t need a Google account to fill out the form), they’ll be requested to fill out the form, which will automatically populate your spreadsheet with guests’ addresses.



One thing to keep in mind is that if you have some wedding guests who aren’t super tech-savvy, it’s best to go the old-fashioned route and call them directly to get addresses for your wedding invitations. If your guests are family members or friends of your parents, consider having a parent call them on your behalf; this way, you can divide up the address-gathering tasks and collect them more quickly.


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