There’s a good reason why escape rooms have exploded in popularity. It’s been a while since we’ve had access to a kind of entertainment that merges the thrill of seeing something dangerous and exciting on film with the adrenaline rush of people actually taking part in such activities. This distinctive quality is mainly responsible for the explosion in popularity of escape rooms throughout the country and foreignwide, suggesting that the genre will continue to thrive and evolve for the foreseeable future. Moreover, they’ve recently become more widely available, making them one of the most sought-after pastimes among young people everywhere.

But Escape Rooms are about so much more than just some random brainstorming to solve some puzzles; they help people bond, hone their ability to work well with others, learn more about teamwork and do something out of the box for a change. This is why the idea of going on a date to an escape room has taken off. Fox In A Box Chicago is now one of the most entertaining attraction for couples and friends alike while they are in the city. If you’ve heard of this but are still on the fence, we’ve compiled a few things to remember when picking an escape room for a date and some arguments for why this is a brilliant idea.

And what better way to do it than to lock yourself and your significant other in an escape room together?

Teamwork is a significant factor in the success of escape rooms. The ability to solve problems and work together as a unit is tested when organisations rent a room. A successful team effort is required to beat the time in an escape room. So, the rooms are used for real-time management surveillance. An escape room is a fantastic choice when you want to spend quality time with your significant other or a group of other couples.

It was quite an adventure!

On a first date or the millionth, an escape room will provide a unique and exciting alternative to the usual movie and dinner. A date at an escape room forces the couple to work together to solve a series of puzzles and communicate effectively by forcing them out of their usual routines. After successfully escaping, some rooms even provide a photo op. You and your date will obtain the perfect photo on Instagram, guaranteed to have people talking about your thrilling escape room adventure.

Inexpensive by modern standards!

On the other hand, although most unconventional date ideas can cost you hundreds of dollars, escape rooms may be found for a reasonable price. The cost may be more or less than $50 for two individuals per night. A lot of the most incredible couple’s escape rooms are reasonably priced. When creating an unforgettable experience, escape rooms are a prime illustration that you don’t need to break the bank. For about $50, you can do that and have a thrilling evening without worrying about the high cost of food and drink. You can get it for less money if you hunt for coupons or go during the week when costs are often lower. One option is to split the cost of an escape room with another couple. Since escape rooms are still relatively new, some people have never heard of or done one, which adds to the excitement.

Furthermore, the escape room allows for much more room in terms of pricing range and is considerably more affordable than other similar activities. Since there are so many choices, you should be able to select an escape room that falls within your budget quickly. Prices may vary based on the number of props used or the escape room’s location.


You may have been researching exciting date ideas. And maybe you’ve thought of trying something very extreme, like skydiving. While quite a number of these options can be too much for couples, these activities can also prove to be very expensive and may just be too extreme for some. So, if you and your partner are trying to spice up their date night without breaking the bank can try your hand at an escape room. Those taking part in an escape room have a set amount of time to solve the puzzles and free themselves from the confines of the room. Need suggestion? Try out the latest edition of Fox In A Box Seattle, Mission Bunker where you’re thrown in the time of cold war set in 1975 and you have to save the world from blowing up!


Want to liven things up a bit? You might have a group date at an escape room. The more people there are, the more chances you’ll have to collaborate with your friends and partner. A fun element of group dates is the friendly rivalry that arises as couples compete to be the first to decipher the clues. The more intelligent people there are in a room, the better the outcome is likely to be.

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