Determining when to reach out to a traumatic brain injury (TBI) attorney (Injury Lawyer in California) can be daunting. Head injuries usually have lifelong impacts on your health. Because of that, it must be addressed right away.

The signs of serious head injuries are not always apparent after an accident. Most symptoms occur after a blow to a victim’s head. But others take longer to show themselves.

Some studies show that around 40,000 Californians get TBIs yearly. Whether you or your loved one are faced with traumatic brain injuries after an accident. You can be entitled to fight for compensation if another party caused it.

In this case, it will be best to enlist the services of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) attorney in Pasadena, CA, to help you with your case. You can as well as look at the following signs to determine if you should also hire an attorney for your TBI case:

You’re dealing with Catastrophic Injuries

You may not have a good reason to ask for compensation if you have suffered minor scrapes, bruises, or bumps from an accident that a negligent party caused.

But you can incur expensive medical bills if you are dealing with severe TBI injuries. And even worse than that, you might not be in a better position to pursue TBI claims yourself.

The good news, though, is that hiring a TBI in California will ensure you focus on your physical and emotional recovery, which must be your number one priority.

An attorney you choose to work with will use the evidence available to determine the value of your claim and also work with your medical doctor to know if you will need further medications and treatment.

The Insurance Firm Denied You Compensation

If an insurance firm denies your claims, there is a high chance that they won’t pay you up. In order to get back your claims, you will have to hire an Injury Lawyer in California An attorney can help you draft counter-claims and send them to insurers.

With this, you can place a demand letter and offer to handle the case out of court in order to avoid a trial. Unfortunately, insurance firms don’t give in that easily. So you and your attorney might want to get prepared for the legal battle in court.

Statute of Limitation

Like other states in the US, California has a statute of limitations on traumatic brain injuries. This simply means there are strict deadlines. Where you need to formally file a case in the courtroom so as to preserve a claim for the damages.

Missing this statute of limitation means you’re likely to lose your rights to fight for compensation. Your attorney, with enough experience to deal with TBI cases. Will evaluate your case as well as determine which statute of limitation applies to your case.

Concluding Remarks!

Connecting with a TBI attorney as soon as you get involved in an accident is extremely important. Usually, insurance firms will push you for a quick settlement when you are grieving, overwhelmed, or healing.

While quick solutions can be tempting, you may not have a chance to pursue more for further damages. This is why a good TBI attorney Injury Lawyer in California comes in handy. They will ensure your rights are protected and get a fair settlement.

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