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What distinguishes the best detergent?

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Whether it may be a detergent against particularly stubborn stains,swallow bugs vs bed bugs a full detergent, or a floral fragrant detergent, a detergent test is recommended before buying. These criteria are important:

Form: liquid, powder, or tabs (pods, capsules)

Number of wash loads: informs about the yield and allows the price comparison of the different offers

Suitability: Detergent for colored laundry, Detergent for whitewash, Detergent for hand wash, Sports underwear, Silk

Packaging: bottle, cardboard, in the interest of the environment best with as little plastic as possible

Fragrance: for example neutral or floral

Washing power: How well does the detergent arrive even against stubborn dirt?

Dosing: Pods are the easiest to dose, while powder and liquid detergents should include a dosing aid in the scope of delivery

Ingredients: especially important for allergy sufferers, indicates whether the detergent is biodegradable

Also pay attention to the packaging size when buying, as this can affect the price. The larger the pack, the less you pay per wash load. Sometimes you will also receive advantage packs, which the manufacturers issue as part of a promo campaign. Then, for example, you pay the same price as before, but get 10, 20, or more percent more content.

Hint: Many manufacturers offer detergents and fabric softeners. This means that you have the option of opting for detergent and fabric softener with the same or with a complimentary fragrance.

Detergent test or comparison: The most important user questions and answers about detergents

How cheap can you buy detergents?

If you want to ensure more cleanliness in your household at a reasonable price, you will find that the detergents of your own brands are usually particularly inexpensive. But even with the leading brands, you will find out in your detergent test that the prices per wash load are in the cent range.

How much you pay in the end depends mainly on how many washes loads the respective amount of detergent is sufficient for. Be prepared for a total price in the low one to low double digits.

Which product has what it takes to become a detergent test winner?

If, in addition to this guide, you would like even more support for your purchase decision, you can look around at Stiftung Warentest for independent consumer tests. You will not find a detergent test there, as the different types of detergents from liquid detergents to chestnuts are simply too different.

Therefore, Stiftung Warentests has carried out a series of tests for you,bed bug treatment all of which deal with different types of detergents. The following list tells you which tests you benefit from, although you sometimes have to pay a small fee for viewing the test results. Get smart right away at Stiftung Warentest:

  • Stain Remover Test (July 2021)
  • Color detergent (liquid detergent test from July 2019)
  • Soap nuts and chestnuts put to the test (July 2019)
  • Full detergent for whites in the test (October 2018)
  • Liquid detergent test from 2013

Which brands should appear in your detergent comparison?

In your detergent test according to the checklist on this page, you can focus on the offers of the following brands in 2022, for example:


Cuddly soft





White Giant

Which detergent is suitable for sensitive substances?

For sensitive fabrics, you should resort to a mild detergent. This type of detergent is particularly gentle on washing, as the agent is free of brighteners, enzymes, and bleaching agents, which can attack the textile fibers in the long term. Therefore, you can use a mild detergent, for example, for silk textiles.

How is detergent dosed?

The dosage depends on the type of detergent. With capsules or pods, you have it particularly easy. Because here it applies that you should use one detergent pod per wash. With liquid detergents, there is usually a mark in the cap so you know how much detergent you should add to your laundry in the machine. If you use washing powder, one heaped tablespoon per wash is enough.

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