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As our families extend we feel the need for an extended livable space at home a little more. 

There are times we feel our house has a smaller livable area.

We build a house according to our current requirement, we can extend it at any given point of time in future.

The solution to our ever-increasing needs is a small house extension. It is a way with which we can extend the living space of our house in the occupied land with the help of some construction in the existing area.

In this article, we will discuss all the things that are included in planning a small house extension.

Making a layout of a house extension is not an easy task, it requires proper investigation of space and feasibility before beginning the construction.

1. Extension At The Basement:

This is a form of a small house extension in which one creates space for activities at the base of the house.

The existing space remains untouched, one creates space at the ground of the building.

Sometimes, this space is used for parking lots, building a hall to organize parties, creating a playing area for the children, or other purposes.

This kind of extension helps to increase the unused area of the house to a useful one. It adds a storey to your house without any much construction.

It is one of the cheapest ways of getting an extension since one does not have to work at the foundation, it is already built.

2. Extension At The Side:

This is another form of small house extension. In this form, extensions are made to the leftward and rightward sides of the house.

This extension can be helpful if one wants to increase the living quarters of the house. It can be done to expand the number of rooms available in the existing area.

There are numerous laws and rules that one must pay attention to before getting a house extended at its sides.

3. Extension At The Rear:

This is a form of small house extension, also known as rear extension.

It refers to the extension of a house backward.

This means that more livable space is created using the back side of the existing structure of the house. 

It not only helps one in creating a good design of the house but the expanded living space helps in increasing the value of the property.

It helps in utilizing the unused outdoor space into usable space indoors.

4. Floor Extension:

This is a form of a house extension in which one adds a floor to the building.

This is another convenient for increasing the livable space of the house because one needs no side or rear space to extend the house. The outdoor space remains undisturbed.

One moves upwards, implying that a new floor will be built.

This is also a cheap form of a small house extension as the foundation is already built, thus, bringing down the cost of construction by a few bucks.

5. A Blend Of Rear And Back Extension:

House extensions can take place by blending two or more forms. The most ideal way of extending a house is by blending rear and back extensions. 

By blending these two, one can create a wide space for different purposes at home.

This is also known as Wrap-around extensions. It is generally done in a single storey.

This blend of house extensions works best when there is less space on the sides and the rear to singularly extend the house by using any of them as the sole form of extension.

Another reason why one can opt for this extension is when the layout plan of extension faces some legal issue for extension in one particular direction.

6. Yard Extension:

This is also one of the most important forms of small house extension and is often done in large residential spaces.

Sometimes, the area under possession remains partially utilized. Extensions are not only done to increase the number of rooms within the house. 

It is sometimes done to increase the inhabitable space of the house.

Extensions done to the yard can be helpful in creating a space meant for relaxing and soaking in the sun during the winters and enjoying the fresh morning breeze during the summers.

This space can be used for a bonfire, partying, and chilling at home. Besides, it can be a good space for barbecuing at home itself.

While designing a small house extension layout one must ensure that all the items pertaining to legal hassles are avoided.

Extensions are not only done keeping in mind the space in one’s possession but also the rules of the city, highways, and municipalities.

The points that we mentioned above are certain things that are included in a small house extension.

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