Life is so much simpler with plastic bottles. They are sturdy, challenging to shatter, lightweight, and simple to hold. The most acceptable container and transport for a variety of liquids, including water, soft drinks, oil, household cleaners, and baby formula, is a plastic bottle. Although the plastic bottle is a beautiful idea, what happens to it after it is empty?

Process Of Recycling

Recycling involves a lot of steps. The bottles must first be gathered from residences, companies, and other locations. They are then sent to a bottle depot in Calgary or elsewhere. Then, at the bottle recycling depot, each plastic bottle needs to be kept separate from glass, metal, and other items that people place in recycle bins. The different kinds of plastic used to make the bottles are also classified. The bottles are then cleaned to remove any food, liquid, or chemical traces.

The bottles are then all mashed up and made into flakes. Finally, they are melted down and formed into small pellets, each about the size of a grain of rice. The pellets are bundled up and sold to companies that can melt them and make them into many different products.


Collecting is the initial stage in the recycling of plastic. Bottles, bags, and other items are just a few examples of the many forms that plastic can take. To be packaged and delivered to processing facilities, scrap plastic is collected and transferred to a collecting yard.


Sorting is the first step in the actual recycling of plastic. Sorting plastics according to their color and resin content is necessary. Sorting aids in the removal of any potential contaminants. Plastic sorting can require a lot of labor, but there is specialized equipment that can assist. The plastic is further processed at the recycling facility based on the symbols found on the bottom of plastic materials after being separated by color and resin content.


Plastic must first be sorted before being cut into tiny pieces for shredding. The used plastic is ground into tiny flakes or fragments after being cut. The plastic flakes are then mechanically separated to prevent mixing various plastic types. Plastics must be divided appropriately since different types of plastic are utilized to produce various products.


After the plastics are separated, the flakes are washed with a specific detergent to make sure any remaining contamination is eliminated. The plastic is cleaned and divided again according to resin content, and the flakes are dried entirely using low heat.


Dry plastic flakes are first melted, which can be molded into new shapes or ground into granules. The melting procedure is carried out with specialized equipment under stringent temperature guidelines to avoid damaging the plastic.

Making Nurdles

Nurdles are created by compressing the plastic flakes after finishing the melting process. Nurdles are little pellets. Plastic is now prepared for reuse in the creation of new goods. After that, the nurdles are prepared to be delivered to businesses that make plastic so they can be utilized to create other goods.


Recycling plastic bottles is beneficial for a variety of reasons. To begin with, recycling lessens potential contamination from the chemicals used to create these bottles. Recycling also lessens the quantity of waste dumped in landfills, reducing the amount of space occupied by garbage. People who collect recyclables and operate in facilities that transform them into new materials can find employment thanks to recycling.

Recycling is simple to undertake and beneficial to both the economy and the environment. All you have to do is keep in mind to dispose of items properly when you’re finished with them. A simple google search of ‘bottle depot hours’ can show you many options regarding bottle depot in Calgary or nearby.


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