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What Is Pair Programming?

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If you are a programmer and need to combine agility with accuracy for developing top-notch products quickly, you should have the best tools and resources. There are many methods to reach these goals smoothly in recent times. Pair programming is one of the best ways to enhance efficiency. Another method is application performance observing that aids the user takes practical approaches for checking rather than responding to problems after reaching the customer. Continue reading the blog to gain skills about pair programming concepts and advantages:

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Description of Pai Programming

Pair programming is the best agile software development method in that two app developers work together using a single desktop to enhance efficiency. One developer writes code while the other will test codes and proofread them. Both programmers have equal time at the mouse and keyboard, and they switch their roles based on the project. This technique defines a program writer at the keyboard as a driver and others as navigators.

Many think two programmers place at a single desktop and share the keyboard and mouse. But due to the development of remote coding technology, now, it is possible to pair programs from anywhere worldwide. Remember, the pair programming method is not suitable for all developers. It takes knowledge and experience to smoothly partner with the team, closing and handling the desktop.

Pair Programming Techniques

The followings are some pair programming techniques that every developer should know:

  • Ping-pong performs in conjunction with the development of test-driven. When the driver creates the code, another person tests it. If the pattern is effective, they will start the process. 
  • Driver-navigator is one of the popular techniques where the developer manages the coding and others control the architectural elements. It offers a chance to make corrections quickly. On the other hand, the navigator and driver switch their role with each other. 
  • Unstructured pairing occurs when they don’t obey specific methods. Two developers work together and share their coding skills. Remember, both must have equal coding skill levels for a smooth process. 

How Does It Work?

Pair programming needs are minimal such as two developers, a mouse, and a keyboard. It is self-assigned or assigned that uses the two sets of eyes principle. The driver creates the code and navigator test codes and offers the right direction, helping them finish the project. When the programmer receives takes, the procedure begins. They agree on one goal while creating code, taking notes, and testing code.

After every goal, they properly discuss the direction to eliminate the disturbance of the driver’s flow. The two scriptwriters can speak the different methods and difficulties, with effective results being the best code. There are numerous pairing programs with fundamental things, from lower structured forms to ping pong patterns. Open communication and turn-taking are necessary elements programmers use.

Pair Programing Benefits 

On the other hand, pair programming is the best practice of pairing to work on the coding job. It involves more communication between two developers, like ideas, discussing methods, and fixing problems, which may be hard to find for one programmer. Both developers should have hard skills for writing and testing codes and soft skills needed for partnership. They should speak their thought procedures for collaboration smoothly and successfully. In addition, effective pair programming trusts popular messages and programming expertise. Here are some advantages of the strategy:

  • A significant benefit of the pair program is that they offer a quick solution than a single developer could produce. 
  • If two programmers work together, they help you reduce errors and enhance code quality. 
  • Besides, the driver and navigator provide more focus and attention, creating a constant flow. 
  • Programmers know each other effectively when they work in join up that develops robust interaction in the group.

In addition, working in a group conveys more recognition and increases production.

Best Practices To Follow While Passing For Pair Programming

Pair programming is the best strategy while two developers bring something unique to the counter. When you have a chance to select a partner for teamwork, you can look for a programmer who can suit your project and give you various perspectives. Here are some best practices that you should follow during teamwork:

Keep Communication 

During the pair programming, you should speak with team members. If developers are silent, they don’t share thought procedures. The best-paired programming involves speaking with the partner and communicating remotely.

Submit Code Regularly 

Switching between the navigator and the driver is a good match for quick commits to code.

Take A Small Break. 

While writing the code for app development, both developers should take a short break if necessary. It helps to increase the concentration level of coding writers.

Switch Roles Constantly

It is essential to switch roles frequently because it promotes skill sharing between driver and navigator. It keeps two developers engaged and will take turns coding. When one developer tends to direct the coding, it helps set the alarm for a few minutes to boost role swapping. If you pair with an experienced one, they will guide the coding whenever a junior programmer struggles.

Choose Right Partner 


Make sure that the programmer should have skill and experience in the domain. If the developers have a good relationship, they work together perfectly without interruptions. Otherwise, it will make for a bad working atmosphere and don’t submit the project on time.

Ask For Clarification 


Beginners who work with experienced programmers can get an opportunity to learn coding and testing.

Make Use Of Familiar Development Tools.

You can select the developer who should have skills in your domain. Both programmers must be familiar with the development background they are working in. The pair programming balance will disrupt if you are more productive than your partner.

Final Words 

Trying pair programming activities is worth making work fun and enjoyable. Besides, it facilitates excellent communication between programmers. With this strategy, you can increase the productivity of your business and get better outcomes.

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